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13 minutes ago, Galveston Steve said:

Princess Cruises has just announced they will homeport Ruby Princess in Galveston starting December 2022. See the full list of Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Disney, Norwegian, and Princess ships that are or will be home-porting in Galveston in my original post in this thread.

I'm pulling for Celebrity. 

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Looks like things are progressing nicely then compared to just a few weeks ago when I was through there.  Not sure when my next trip through Galveston will be.  A little over extended on some things at the moment with our Black Friday cruise coming up but hopefully can put a deposit down to use later on when things are looking better.  Hopefully by then the terminal will be open and they will pick up a few more destinations.  Otherwise it will be a while for me.  I drive most everywhere and heading to Fort Lauderdale will tell me for sure if I am going to make that trip a few times or not.  And yes I could fly, however by the time I start checking my SCUBA gear among other things it's a lot cheaper to drive, like usually the cost of a single ticket without baggage covers fuel round trip.

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4 hours ago, wordell1 said:

And some different itineraries on those sailings.  Let's hope they get supported.

Wow, love the longer sailings!   Much cruise news the last 2 weeks.  

I had been considering the Ruby Princess Repo back to SF in April 2023, but now Radiance repo to LA also in April is in the mix !!

Fun, fun fun!

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On 3/22/2022 at 7:28 AM, TXcruzer said:

Radiance available to book from Galveston this morning


The variety in the long (9-10 day) sailings is great.

3 visits to Key West and Perfect Day.

2 visits to Colon Panama and Cartagena.

Several combining all the Western Ports.

and the 15  day repo through Panama Canal.



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20 hours ago, Zurc said:

and the 15  day repo through Panama Canal...

If anyone booked the Radiance 15 day Panama Canal the first 2 days, check your price.    
I saw that Balcony/Suite discount was applicable when I mock priced today,     C&A rep applied the discount for me this morning.  


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