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Okay, I went to RCCL's Facebook page to ask if there was any way to see what shows were playing on the ships.  I had stated that you could go to Royal Caribbean's website..select  The Experience tab, select onboard activities...scroll down to show stoppers and see an array of plays/attractions but could not select one to see what ship it was currently on. This is what i was given...it helps some but sure could do better in web development.



There is a place to sign up as a performer...I signed Matt up for the Grease lead roll :1_grinning:

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The only 'show' listed on Ovation for the 3 B2Bs I am on in March is Pixels, and only on cruise 1 so have booked that to feel like I have planned something!!

I would like to think it will also be on cruise 2 and 3 but if so can't understand why not listed.

Quick question - based on something I read somewhere on this vast encyclopedia of RC facts - if there are still none of the shows listed on the cruise planner before we go, will the funky Royal IQ app allow me to book when on board? I get the impression that is the kind of role it will play???!

Diolch yn fawr iawn (Google it if you want!)



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@Bazza I think because Ovation is primary for the Chinese market is does not have any "proper" Broadway shows like Mama Mia or Cats. It only seems to have the standard 40 minute Broadway style shows that ships like Radiance and Explorer have. We are on Ovation next week for 14 days and the only shows for pre-booking are Pixels and Love, Life Legs (I think that is what it is called).

Also there has been no option to book North Star or Rip Cord for our cruise either.

The other differences I have noticed are you cant only book the ultimate dining package, 2,3 and 5 night packages are not available and I also think Johnny Rockets will remain as a Noodle Bar. 

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@F1guynz thanks for this. 

Strange thing is I have managed to book North Star and Rip Cord for all 3 sections of the cruise plus Pixels for the NZ part but Pixels is not showing for the taster section nor Sydney to Singapore! 

I have booked the All Access tour for the 3rd cruise and it was also listed for the middle cruise but not listed for the 1st! All very confusing this lack of consistency. I am sure there is a perfectly sensible reason!!

Enjoy your cruise next week and share the pros and cons!!!

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