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Winging it in Nassau

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My mom and I are sailing on the Enchantment in just a few weeks. I'm 45, Mom is ... old enough to be my Mom. Anyway, a crappy accident this summer left mom with a broken hip that was replaced in July. She's in outpatient PT and doing well, but still a slow/cautious walker. She might still be using a cane when we go. I booked the cruise for us because I'm looking for a summery vacation at a no-pressure pace.  In Coco Cay we rented the 2 loungers with sunshade for a relaxing beach day. In Key West we are doing the Conch Train hop-on/hop-off tour so we can do Key West at our own pace. Which leaves Nassau.

Initially, I didn't book anything for us because all of the non-strenuous excursions take us away from the ship for a long period of time or put us at the mercy of a tour bus. We planned on staying on the ship and chilling by the pool or on the deck. Maybe bingo, some fruity drinks, etc. But now I'm staring at this ALL-DAY stop and feeling like we're just going to be parked there and wondering what easy things we can do on our own if the mood strikes us. The Straw Market looks okay. Paradise Island looks to be an easy ferry away. Senor Frogs? ;)

Basically, I'm looking for suggestions from the easy-going crowd, or reassurance that we won't regret just relaxing on the ship all day. Thanks!

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There's nothing wrong with staying onboard the ship while in port.  Certainly an argument can be made that of all your port stops, Nassau is the one to do it on.

Personally, I like to get off the ship, even for a little bit.  The area outside of the port has plenty of shopping and dining that is an easy walk.  No stairs, and pretty even paving for a few blocks.  In terms of what to do, there is a Senor Frogs pretty close (10 minute walk) to the port.  I really like the British Colonial Hilton.  It's right past Senor Frogs, but offers I think a very relaxing day. Here's a look at my day there: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2017/04/03/excursion-focus-british-colonial-hilton-nassau-bahamas

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Don't worry about staying on the ship..sounds like your other two stop will be busy, and there is LOTS to do on the ship when she is docked anyways and some great view of Nassau from the ship as well usually.


However, there is lots to do within a easy 10-15 min walk of the ship....from pubs to restaurants to shopping to some beach area.....I ALWAYS do my own thing and explore when in Nassau!

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I was going to say do a Frommer's type walking tour until I read the whole post and saw the mobility issues.  Stay on the ship, or at least, wait for the initial wave of people to disembark, then head out for a walk around the shops, maybe grab some ice cream.  I'd treat it like a sea day (hopefully there will be a breeze).  We did that same cruise back in April and the only thing missing was a sea day.  

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