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  1. The photos I saw of Symphony showed some really cool-looking slides.
  2. Having just returned from Anthem (big thanks to everyone for answering my questions leading up to the trip) I can tell you that the bands were inconvenient when you used most bars, as in alot of cases if you weren't standing close to the wow band reader you would need to remove it from your wrist and pass it over. I ended up losing my WoW band during a snorkel tour on Day 5 and managed just fine with a SeaPass card, even with it in my bathing suit pocket after a whole day on deck. No issues.
  3. Any idea as to why my online check in still shows "in process" even though we have uploaded security photos, answered all questions and printed security docs? Also printed luggage tags.
  4. Can anyone please confirm a boarding question I have? Our original boarding time was 12PM. Then, due to a coast guard inspection, the window is 11 to 2. Does that mean that all guests can arrive earlier and board whenever they want? My goal is to be one of the first groups on- but we are non-suite and not high tier C&A. Need to board early and make a bee line for guest services to try and score a day bed, along with the escape room. What is the earliest that we could realistically be expecting to board? Thank you, as always.
  5. Leave out butchers and they'll be pissed. Good luck getting a properly trimmed steak after all is said and done.
  6. If not teachers, why not sanitation workers, librarians and nurses? You open it to one and the floodgates open.
  7. Speaking from personal experience Brian?
  8. I just called Sandy Toes on Rose Island yesterday to add a drink package ($39 for a day of drinking) and right now, there are 9 people booked on our trip during the 4NOV Anthem cruise. The minimum they sail with is 10, max is 40. Think about it, imagine 10-15 of you, with 5 of those being my own group, going to essentially your own private island for the day. There's no way you can beat that.
  9. Two questions- 1) Based upon your own experiences, is wearing a latex horse head during the muster drill generally frowned upon? 2) I have a USB switch- where there's one end that plugs into the wall and then 6 mini wires that branch out- just like a hub. Would this be acceptable as it does not resemble a surge protector in any way?
  10. Thanks for your reply. I realize that it's more of a gameday decision but just wonder if we are talking winds of that magnitude, I wonder if it's normally enough to have them scrap tendering and just keep us floating offshore.
  11. Big question- how windy is too windy for tendering? I'm looking at Accuweather for our cruise next week and now seeing projected winds of 21 to 24 MPH with some gusts. Likelihood of still being able to tender @ Coco with those kinds of conditions? That being said, I'm looking at weather reports today for the 7th and 8th of October, so I realize that alot can change during this time.
  12. No worries. It's priced the same as all of the others without alcohol included. I don't mind paying a few dollars more if that's the case to know that we will truly be on a private beach joined by no more than 50 others, all with the same goal of relaxing without crowds around.
  13. Thank you. I'm working off of a March 2017 compass right now.
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