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Police, EMT Discount

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Do they check your ID to verify you are police or an EMT when you use the discount? My boyfriend will be an EMT in July so I don’t know if he should bring verification to the cruise. Thank you!

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7 hours ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

We have been given the military discount several times and Royal has never asked for verification.  MANY years ago, when I was still sailing on Carnival, they DID ask for verification but that's been a long time ago.

I have never been asked for military veteran verification either but always bring a copy with me jic 

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I've received many military discounts over the years.  I don't recall having to show my ID card. 


18 hours ago, Ditchdoc said:

I have been a first responder for many, many years, A war veteran and a senior. I can't tell if checking that box makes any difference.

Right before final payment I got a several hundred dollar military discount on two rooms on July 1st sailing of Allure.  It is a real discount and it is out there.  Just keep checking and repricing.


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