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Diamond perk Chef’s Choice


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7 minutes ago, USFFrank said:

I get them in my cabin too, but I gotta laugh at this. Somehow I really don't think a Royal Caribbean chef is actually choosing what goes onto the plate.

The chef looks in the cooler and says "we have a lot of extra fruit this week, so I choose fruit plate!"

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5 minutes ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

Lately my Chef's choice has been a couple of pieces of fruit or some kind of sweets.  We almost never eat any of the stuff we get from the Chef's choice.  Kind of a waste for us.

We'll eat the grapes and my son will snack on the banana. That's it.  Last time we got a pear that looked like someone took an axe to it.

The petit fours are nice.

I miss the good ole days when sushi would show up in the room.

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