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Basic Voom? Is it still available?

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The answer appears to  "kinda."

I had purchased surf previously. If I look in my previous orders, I see the order. If I click on the item, I find it.

However, if I go through the internet link, only surf and stream is available. 

On most of my sailings, surf and stream is actually cheaper this weekend.  Therefore,  I've been canceling surf and buying surf and stream. 

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3 hours ago, smokeybandit said:

Surf and Stream is the only package available for Mariner over Christmas, which likely will have Starlink enabled by then (if it isn't already)


Same for a 23 Jan sailing.  They actually had a Internet/DBP combo for $86 IIRC on a 4 night.  DBP alone was $78.

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Basic voom still appears as on onboard plan that can be purchased on the ship so it's not like it's been completely eliminated... yet.

Prior to late 2019 it was rare to see Surf only in the cruise planner for purchase in advance.

While we ultimately don't know why Royal has reverted to old ways and removed Surf as an option to purchase pre-cruise it is plausible to think it is related to the Starlink migration.   If that is the case then Royal may be planning to overhaul their Voom portfolio and plans offered.  If that is the case no one here has any idea what they have in store for guests yet I wouldn't fear about any existing purchased Surf only plans until they announce their intentions.   

Alaska ship internet has always been very poor due to technical limitations and challenges with legacy satellite technology in the far North.  Many of us are eager to see what Alaska ship internet will be like in Alaska next year now that Starlink has coverage in Alaska for local residents on land.  We don't know yet.  

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