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First Time Cruising EVER and with a 4 and 6 yr old on Liberty to Bermuda (plus MIL & FIL!)

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This may be too soon, but I am so excited and quite frankly Matt's videos are addicting! My husband keeps reminding me we don't leave for X months. We are scheduled to sail on Liberty of the Seas from Port Liberty to Bermuda in July 2023. I've never cruised before or stayed at a resort, I haven't even been to anywhere more tropical than Ft. Lauderdale....My coworker highly recommended cruising as the easiest way to see the world with children, so that is what we are trying. I want to make the most of our brief 5 day vacation. We also are looking forward to Adventure Ocean for one or two blocks of the day. I reviewed some cruise compasses already. We definitely want to do Saturday night fever without children, dine one or two evenings without children (not sure if it will be specialty dining), and do a cave tour on the island (it says there are a lot of steps...can young children manage this?), do pool time/water slides with children, mini golf on the ship, rock climbing wall, one spa experience for myself, possibly have my kids try the Flowrider. Can anyone give me a brief list of what may work out? Especially with dining...an option for some sort of kids dining time popped up after I booked....does this work best for going to a show? Is there time for us to eat in peace once they whisk the kids away? Now that I'm writing this my kids are probably going to need to fit a nap in there too, yikes! Thanks!

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I do not know what will work for you but here are a few things from me and my son cruising for the last 15 years.

  1. He had to do sit down dinners with me.  If I would let him, he would spend 24x7 in the kid's area.  What did help him is they would bring his meal when we got our appetizer.  Then he would eat his desert when we had our main meal.  Then he could excuse himself to go play while I enjoyed the remaining of my meal.  Yours are a little young to make their own way to the kids' area but I think I read someplace that the ship would escort kids to the kids area.
  2. Plan everything but realize you will only do 1/2 of it.  You do not have to do everything.  Don't be afraid to say I don't want to do that now.
  3. Make time to rest and watch the water go by.
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5 days will go by very quickly!  
We’ve had a 4-6 year old along on a few cruises and the traditional dining was a bit long for him. It didn’t help that the group had chosen late dining. I would suggest early or MyTime. With the MyTime service is more aligned with the pace of a typical restaurant you would visit at home. He loved going to Johnny Rockets as well, as another option.  

Naps are not just for kids! We tend to take a break around 2 each day, that may result in a nap. Up early and late… that mid-day break is a great chance to regroup, watch a movie in your room, or just sit on the balcony and watch the sea go by. 

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As you have read so far, the reoccurring theme is you can't do it all, don't over plan, stay flexible. Avoid FOMO, it is impossible to do it all.

The steps at the caves in Bermuda are not that bad, may be an issue for some elderly, or limited mobility folks. From what I remember they don't allow strollers. As long as your little one can navigate the stairs at home on their own with no issue, it shouldn't be a problem.

There is a pay to enter beach right at the port, or for a more space, and to enjoy the pink sand, a short taxi ride is needed.  

#3 from Traveling Mike also important; this could be key for developing an addiction to cruising.


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I have never cruised with little ones but I have traveled with them.

Here are some questions you may want to explore: 

1) Does each couple want special time themselves? 

2) Will the in-laws be willing to watch the kids for one or two nights so the kids can get a good night sleep and you can go out?

3) What activities do you think your kids like to do?  Knowing this will help them in AO.


Here is my advise:

1) You need to write down what you and your spouse really want to do and what your in-laws really wants to do.  Make sure the first and/or second item on those lists are planned for. 

2) Try to keep to your kids' schedules as much as possible.  If they take a nap in the afternoon, you need to make sure they get a nap. 

3) Expect meltdowns.  Some kids will not respond well to all the distractions so make sure you have some quiet time for them to reset. Books, puzzles, familiar games. 

4) Once on board, go directly to AO to sign up your kids for the times that work best for you and your children. 


Have fun planning your trip.


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We sailed this summer with our 4 and 7 year old on Oasis.  They both loved AO and asked to go back. They went most evenings after dinner and a couple times during the morning/ afternoon sessions.  We did the early main dinning (5:30) and the dinning staff would bring food out for the kids first and we all enjoyed the main dinning room.  They have not restarted the "my family dinning" where they would pick kids up from the dinning room. AO opened at 7pm for the evening session.  Our 4 yo was all over the place with mini golf, but it was fun to try. Your kids are probably going to be too short for the flow rider, but they may enjoy watching for a bit.  Your 6yo might be able to do the Rock wall, our 7 yo isn't that adventurous, so we didnt try it. Our kids enjoyed splash away bay and the arcade (but money goes fast). Our 4 yo took a nap one day and he doesn't nap at home, he was so worn out.    Our kids are excited for our next cruise.  You will have a great time!

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