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  1. It could be different from sailing to sailing, but I would think a single player could get into the mix of play. My husband and I were standing around watching and people asked us if we wanted to play and get into the next game going out. I would say some of the people playing on the ships have played on land and on land tends to be rotational play, allowing for single players to mix in. Enjoy
  2. Yes, it is available most mornings on the sports court. You just show up. They have equipment, but you could bring your own. It was pretty popular on oasis a couple of weeks ago. IMG_4924.HEIC
  3. Yes, it is played and they have equipment. I was on Oasis a couple of weeks ago and the three courts were full with a few waiting. Pickleball central rally paddles and looked like onix balls were available to use and a couple people had brought their own paddles. We just watched, but looked like people were playing a game and then rotating out if people waiting.
  4. This is what we did as well. The return walk from the tender drop off was a longer walk getting back to the ship, since the tender docked at the adjacent pier, still at the same main docking area. There was a larger golf cart like vehicle carrying people back to the ship that I saw.
  5. I was able to just select a boarding time and then come back and add everything else later . I sail 8/21
  6. Interested to hear what happens on your boarding day. My 4 year old should be fully vaccinated for our 8/21 sailing and like you, we went with Moderna to made our sale date. Having to test at the port makes no sense if considered fully vaxed. Like others have said, the email is sent to all kids without regard to vaccinated status. The app is letting me add my son's vaccine card for our sailing.
  7. We missed our cruise in April, due to canceled flights flying in a day early to Miami from Virginia. For our make up cruise in August we are flying in 2 days early, with a backup plan to drive, since the port is less than 5 hours away. I purposely picked a closer port to home this time. Air travel right now is so unpredictable.
  8. We missed our cruise in April due to canceled flights flying in one day early to Miami. We used air2sea, which tried their best to get us on the ship, but never made it, so full credit/refund. For our rebooked cruise in August, decided to cruise out of New Jersey and flying in 2 days early and if flights get canceled its only a 4-5 hour drive.
  9. We missed our cruise and our excursions and drink packages were not automatically refunded. We are still waiting on refunds 3 month past cruise date. I would recommend using air2sea for possible airline issues resulting in missed cruise.
  10. Sorry you had a bad experience. I work at a Walgreens that provides PCR testing though labcorp and the rapid ID now NAAT test. There was a computer glitch a week or so a go when automated emails were not being sent correctly. Like the previous poster said, if you ever take a rapid test at a pharmacy and they tell you you should receive your results in 2 hours and you don't get them in the time frame, call them. They can attempt to resend or they can be printed at any store and picked up. The ID now testing machine sends the emails automatically once it is completed. So as long as the sample is run though the machine there should be a result. The Labcop PCR tests all depended on the lab, which is usually in a different state (Virginia flies their tests to NC) . I would never recommend getting one, unless required. They take so long and the pharmacy has no say in when you get your results back, they are just a collection site. The issues that we usually run into at our pharmacy are email addresses not entered in correctly or names or dates of birth are not correct and people signing up for PCR tests and they need their results in a time frame that may not occur.
  11. We used a taxi to go through the drive through in Puerto Rico, to get our tests done at Walgreens. I thought the driver was going to get frustrated at how long we were in line, but he was getting paid based on the time, so he didn't seem to mind.
  12. If testing sites in your area only have the Naat or pcr and offer them at no cost (ie. Walgreens), I would just sign up and take one now to ease your concerns. But like others have said you should be fine with the antigen test.
  13. That does sounds frustrating, but I would like to make a counter opinion based on our experience. We booked our flights through air2sea and our flights got canceled (this was the day before our cruise) and we ended up missing our cruise. Air2sea got us flights to the first port of call which is the only way Royal will let people join the cruise through a port of call. There was an issue at the port of call and we never made it on the ship and air2sea made sure we got home and we are getting a full refund for the whole trip (partial credit), which I don't think would have occurred if we hadn't booked flights through air2sea. Yes, all the calls are a very big headache, but there is some assurance using the program, when issues do arise. We are planning a cruise for August and I plan to use Air2 sea again, since they made it right when there were issues our of our control.
  14. We were not charged for our NAAT tests at Walgreens and my parents got the rapid antigen and were not charged. We all selected "for travel" as to why we were getting them. They didn't even ask of insurance information.
  15. We used Walgreens. Rapid antigen or even rapid idnow would work. Ours had plenty of availability and results come back quickly right to your email. Just make sure your email and date of birth is correct when registering online.
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