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Celebrity signature bar?


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On 10/26/2022 at 11:54 AM, Toby said:

Royal Caribbean has the Schooner Bar I view as their signature bar on all their ships.  Does Celebrity have a signature bar as well?


The martini bar seems to be the center of action.  The bartenders put on a show with multi pours and custom martinis.   On the Millennium and Solstice class ships, the martini bars are "ice bars".   Edge class did away with the iced surface bar; however, they moved the marti bar to the center ship atrium making it a focus area with entertainment and more seating.  On Edge class, the martini bartenders do their demonstrations to music and a light show.  So IMO, the martini bars are the signature bars.


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Each ship has "the" bar to hang out at, and honestly it changes by sailing. On Summit, we rarely left the Martini Bar.  On Beyond, we barely went to it and stayed at Craft Social instead.  You find your bartender, and that is your place.  We usually bar hop the first couple of days until we find our spot.  Which bar we park at is usually fed by who we are sailing with. 

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