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Want to know our best shore excursion recommendation for every Caribbean port?


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21 hours ago, Darlene03 said:

Does anyone know the size of the groups per excursion? 

We are doing cruise in June from Rome...


Welcome to the boards!

It completely depends on the excursion, the location, and the contracted tour company. If you have a specific excursion or two you could ask and maybe someone here has been on it.

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We did the Pearl Island swimming with the pigs in Nassau. July 16 2023. Had a great time. The crew and staff were super friendly and attentive. They took time to answer questions about how the pigs are raised and how they live on the island. My dd got to bottle feed one of the little ones. They took pictures of you with your phone.  Enjoyed the included paddle boarding at the beach and lunch was very nice.

No hard sale on anything - the only thing I bought were a couple of bar drinks, and tipped the crew.

Nassau is so beautiful if you just get out of the port area. The new build out looks very nice - but the rest is of island is so much better... excursions are a must! 

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7 hours ago, Mike T said:

70+ year old woman in our group, very active....wants to do Snorkeling in St Thomas.  How hard line is RCCL about the 70 year old age limit?

I doubt they will make any exceptions. If she's absolutely set on snorkeling, you should look for a 3rd party company.

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On 12/6/2023 at 1:24 PM, smokeybandit said:

It's the third party companies setting the age limits though.

I should have been more specific - I meant a 3rd party company that is not providing excursions via RC sponsored excursions. They might have different age limits than those companies that Royals contracts with.

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