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Security Footage


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Not sure Royal will ever definitively confirm their retention policy but in general here are some considerations.

If the event you spoke about was part of some sort of reported 'incident' that is already known to the cruise line, they likely have already taken steps to preserve the footage.  Doing so pulls the footage from the general retention category and likely extends the time that the footage might be available.  However - it may NOT be available to YOU.

If the event is NOT part of some sort of incident, you are probably out of luck for a few reasons.  First, there is a possibility the footage has been purged.  Companies don't like to keep footage (that they are not legally obligated to preserve) for longer than required for many reasons.  Second, whatever your issue is has to be pretty significant for them to entertain the request, especially if it happened a few months back.

In short, I'm not an expert but do have experience in this area, I'd say the odds of you getting access to 90+ day old footage for an incident that was not previously reported is very low.

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Not sure when this came out, but the article does mention for 7 days after the cruise ended, unless a crime is reported in those 14 days




While most, if not all, cruise ships already have video cameras in place, the newly proposed rules stipulate that the vessel’s surveillance system must cover all areas of the ship where passengers or crewmembers have common access. (This rule excludes staterooms and crew cabins.) Also, the footage would have to be retained for the duration of the voyage (7 days on average) and for 7 days after the cruise has ended. If a crime were reported during that 14-day period, the video would have to be retained for another 120 days


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The US Congress has attempted numerous times to mandate changes for cruise ships, they will again be trying this year. The name of the proposed legislation is usually called the Cruise Passenger Protection Act. Cruise companies would be required to retain surveillance footage for 20 days, and they have five years to comply with the camera rule.  As of now, I am not aware of any US law mandating the time that a cruise ship company must retain records.

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1 hour ago, Gadget Hackwrench said:

As of now, I am not aware of any US law mandating the time that a cruise ship company must retain records.

There are surprisingly few laws that actually govern retention of records directly.  Most of them are what they call considerations.  For example, you are not legally obligated to keep your own personal tax records for a period of time.  However, the government can audit you for X years.  So it makes sense to retain the records for X years so you can use the documentation in your case.

For the cruise companies, if there aren't any incidents reported the faster they can purge the info the better.  The technology to catalog and index the footage has made it easier and less expensive to perpetually store everything but that comes with its own set of issues. 

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I can speak with some expertise in this area.


The retention period for CCTV footage is a balancing act.

Law enforcement agencies want it kept for as long as possible.

Privacy advocates want it kept for as little as possible.

Law enforcement IT folks squawk when we ask for more storage...


Generally, video is saved for a period between 1 week to 1 month. If an incident is reported during the retention period, footage can be saved for perpetuity.

Also, most entities will not release CCTV to a private persons.

Best practice is that footage is only released by way of a court order.

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