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What can you access on RC's "free" WiFi?

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8 minutes ago, Coach9 said:

Can you access iMessage’s if you have an iPhone ?

No, but there are some unpredictable exceptions you may have heard of.  

On select ships some guests have noted that iMessage works at times but very inconsistently.  

If you are okay with random, possibly some or possibly no iMessages you may get exactly what you paid for.  

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I notice before, while in port, if connected to the ship Wi-Fi that you can do google and very basic WhatsApp stuff. Once the ship leaves it will be RCG website and just app functions.

One thing to be warned about, you cannot use cruise planner on cruise ships. I was on a S2S2S and tried to change a dining package for my next sailing and couldn't. I had to get off the ship, connect to my data and then do it. 

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So..I don't know if it was a glitch or not...


on Odyssey last fall, with only the free wifi on, I was able to connect to FB messenger BEFORE I logged into the free Voom that came with our suite. Did it recognize my app and room before log in? Was it an oversight that's been fixed? Who knows! I plan to test it again when onboard this August. It could be as @Ampurp85 mentioned above - that it worked only because we were still docked at the time.

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