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Reading while onboard- The Stowaway


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Good Afternoon,

Where is the best unique or secluded place to read onboard Symphony of the Seas? I refuse to read in the library while onboard. 

Anybody have any recommendation on books that are related to cruising? 

I recommend The Stowaway by James S Murray and Darren Wearmouth. It's a murder mystery that may have taken place on Royal Carribean. lol jk

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The library on Symphony was pretty empty last time I saw it.  No books either.

I found a couple of spots that were good for reading.....just to the left of El Loco Fresh is a covered area overlooking where people zip line and Boardwalk far below.  At the far end of Central Park there are two alcoves with a "balcony" and two chairs above it.  It's technically on Deck 9 but can be a quiet place to relax and read and enjoy Central Park from one floor above.  (But don't tell anyone, I don't want to lose my favorite place).  

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9 hours ago, TheSeaCallsMyName said:

Another place is on Deck 5 behind the Aqua Theater. There will be joggers going by but it is so peaceful watching the wake.  I agree with Central Park.  Depending on the time of day but the Solarium can be a place to enjoy reading also.


One of my favorite spots on the ship. 🙂 

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37 minutes ago, Last Lion said:

All righty then. Amazon just delivered The Stowaway based on what you guys said above. 10 days from now on the Odyssey. What is best upper deck reading spot on that ship?

The Solarium is a good option as well as the comfy, shaded, green and pink circular loungers on the running track. Two70 would be my favorite spot on Odyssey to read a book though!

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