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  1. Another big question is what will the cost be to the passengers? I can't imagine it would be less than it is now.
  2. That was the first thing I did. It was a restriction/non-refundable ticket. They cited $2000 for same flight 4 days later. I re-booked for less than 1/2 that amount. I went round and round with the airline for several days and even had airline cancellation insurance that found a loophole to not pay. It has been very frustrating but also very discouraging with RCCL and the huge run-a-round I have been given. This started in Oct 2021 and many emails, many people (always a different person replying to an email) many phone numbers later no resolution. For me, it goes beyond the monetary issue to the customer service issue. You would think/hope as a TA they would want to help me resolve this showing what a great company and service oriented they are. As my DH said, I am just grateful this happened to me and not one of my clients. I will add, I love RCCL product. I think it is one of the best top to bottom and will still choose to sail with them, but they have major communication and knowledge issues that makes things very challenging when an issue does arise.
  3. I got the same message today when I was trying to complete my health check-in with loading the photo of my Vaccination card.
  4. Another place is on Deck 5 behind the Aqua Theater. There will be joggers going by but it is so peaceful watching the wake. I agree with Central Park. Depending on the time of day but the Solarium can be a place to enjoy reading also.
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