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8 minutes ago, Terri Smith Johnson said:

How in the heck will I iron my clothes? Even my husbands suit and shirt will require a touch up!!  I don't just "live in knits"!!

HELP!!  I don't own a hair  wand...Straightener, yes....

Don't worry Royal Caribbean will charge you for that! https://www.royalcaribbean.com/content/dam/royal/resources/pdf/laundry-service-price-list.pdf

Or you could just go wrinkled, which is my preferred method.

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I am seeing alot of YouTube videos recommending Downey Wrinkle Releaser.  We will be buying some and trying it out before taking on our cruise.

Another suggestion is hanging the items in the bathroom while taking a hot shower.  Works sometimes.

My personal suggestion is if your room has a kettle, and the clothing item has minor wrinkles, hover the wrinkled area over the kettle and allow the steam to release the wrinkle.  Just be extra careful not to burn yourself.

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Lots of packing tips to minimize wrinkles.  For hubby’s button down shirts, I iron them about a week prior to packing, then lay them one on top of the other (with the sturdiest last) then fold sleeves in and one fold across the middle so they are all folded together.  Then into a dry cleaning  bag & in the suitcase.

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