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we Cruised and now we wait for the fund to get corrected...original -glitch in RC IT cancelled my cruise less than 2 weeks out TA got it back but

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Update 01/03/2022

We had a wonderful time. We did get all of our prescheduled things added back in with the exception of one but we were we able to add the Chef's table for NYE on RCCL because of onboard credit. However we still have not seen our original refunds to our account   from DEC 16th "glitch"  How this gets handled decides if and when we cruise again...



We have a a cabin annnd after 10+ days and prolly 200emails our Travel agent worked a miracle for us. Apparently we were caught in a software system change... So because we literally cannot get back our purchases ourselves and in some cases it's now sold out. They upgraded our excursion to the VIP one for same price they also gave us our unlimited specialty dining package free. So we arrive at Port tomorrow and pray all these emails of documentation work. We were told to report to embarkment at 11 and they would have everything fixed for us... 


Soooo last Thursday I received a reminder that it was an oportunity to book extras prior to boarding our Mariner of the Seas NYE trip, leaving DEC 28, I clicked on it to see if there were any new prices from my original paid. Well to my surprise the other couple's confirmation number was there but ours POOF gone. I tried to add it back and it said it didn't exist. Whaaaa? So I called my travel agent. She goes on her system and it was cancelled. Yes cancelled. She got on the phone with RCCL. The person escalated it and they said was clearly on their side and it was a glitch they said.  It took nearly 7 hours to get my reservation back, but all of my great priced items were gone. 

Yes my cabin is there and I have my seapass but the stuff I already purchase was gone because guess what people snapped those right up.   They told me to put everything I could back in my cart and they would fix it with onboard credit to offset new cost. Cool right? NO! because the account is still locked 5 days later and I can't pay for anything nor is it possible for me make any other plans.  The RC agent told my TA that the IT department had to unlock it. My TA has spoken with them multiple times now since Friday morning at 8am .

I am pretty upset and very irritated at this point that RC couldn't fix. My biggest grump is all my reservations that had limited space with our friends are completely gone. Our NYE plans are tanked as well... 

To add to all of this my FCCs from 2019. that were applied to another cruise (that was cancelled) were in some sort of freeze so they didn't get applied and they are now saying too late to applie them.

It will be our first RC trip. My hubs is ready for it to be never.

Advice on salvaging our trip?

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updated to show RCCL has followed through somewhat
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She has done this and we even submitted a screen shot (i guess I wasn't paranoid since I needed it) of my original orders. Then we put the new in and took another screen shot. Submitted to the BDM the spreadsheet with the what I paid verse what they will need to put in my onboard credit to offset it. 

Thanks for the reply I am hoping for a resolution soon. 

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21 minutes ago, MarineMoMmaBear said:

So I am now in a texting chat with the FBmessenger RC peeps they seem to be helping... we will see 

Day 6 and 6 days to cruise...


 I find messaging with RC Twitter account with questions and issues to be much more helpful than calling the general RC number also.


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  • MarineMoMmaBear changed the title to we Cruised and now we wait for the fund to get corrected...original -glitch in RC IT cancelled my cruise less than 2 weeks out TA got it back but

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