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  1. thank you everyone for the insights. I appreciate the info and varying opinions.
  2. We are on the Mariner OTS for NYE and friends are looking at all the options. I'm the researcher, ask questions and get options person... they are the "hey its and upgrade let do it people. So That being said, not changing to a suite as we have a "sweet" aft balcony but would you say yes to The Key or would you put the pennies elsewhere on the trip? TIA
  3. good to know we usually have white noise for sleep anyways so this should not be an issue for us. thanks!
  4. So this is our first RC and holiday cruise and it the first ever cruise for our friends. our travel agent found us a sweet deal on aft cabins Deck 7, is this a good spot or should we look at other location high deck etc.? What should we expect from a holiday cruise? Should we plan for a snazzy formal NYE evening or on classy casual? ...or what? would anyone suggest specialty dinning for that night? Super excited but need to chill and plan responsibly.
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