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Plan for the worst hope for the best Symphony September 4-18 21


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Day 5 St Thomas.

We arrived around 7 to the Island, not that we planned to be up so early but still. After breakfast on the balcony (from day 4 they started to enter and prepare the table by themselves) we went to walk around the ship (always enjoyable during port day) we did not had any special plans so we just went down to the port. There we met with the king of the pier , he was walking around dominating the area , taking photos with everyone that wanted . I thought he will ask soon for a tip 


He had many friends around  enjoying the sun


Later we just jumped on one of the taxi to downtown which cost 4 dollars per person per each way. We strolled around main street until we decided to head back to the ship. Near the port I spotted a supermarket and a pharmacy so we decided to split and I went to buy some razors and some of the counter medicine I needed. The pharmacy and the supermarket are around 5 to 10 minutes walking from the port. Coming back to the ship I got a  message from my spouse if I can go and grab some drinks for her. Coming back to the cabin I saw that 


Although a week or so delay but it was nice surprise. Sunil came to hang some decorations and did a good job , he also brought a cake. 




And no , it's jus a coincidence we are not copying from our upper deck neighbors 🙂

Late lunch was in WJ which was good. Post lunch I had to work again but we still had time to rest and enjoy the rain and the cake. We had some more visitors that wanted to check our balcony.


We had dinner plans at  wonderland , it's our fourth time in wonderland (if you counting the one in Spectrum which was totally different) so no surprises but it still fun and the drinks are very good. 




Sunil came to say hello and brought a friend 


And how can we do without the famous dessert


The second cake was waiting for me back at the cabin , but with  only one plate , how can I share it like that ?


We than headed to the casino were we had a nice chat with the  @Tiffeven

Which we also saw in wonderland , I think Sunil is making his schedule easier by need to be in only one place at a time. We had plans to go to check out red the experience but at the end we both were too tired and called it for the day.


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Day 6 - sea day. 

I love sea days , no need to plan too much , no need to rush to anything. We had breakfast (we replaced the eggs Benedict with Mexican eggs) and started our morning walking in the promenade which was quite empty considering they were doing the two T shirts in 20$ and all the other once in in a lifetime sells that happens in every cruise. We went to deck 15/16 but it was a very warm day so we got back to the aircondition. Later we went to the Casino ready to spend some more money but that time we hit one of the  jackpots , it was very surprising as until now it was not going that well 🙂 we left so we can enjoy the win and to put the money in the safe (well at least some of it) do you think the genie was listening to my previous request for a jackpot ? And if yes , here another example that you need to be specific with genie request and ask for mega jackpot 🙂 but not complaining. Lunch was again in WJ we did not feel like going and spend an hour in one of the resturants. We went to the Symphony trivia , I must say we did quite OK although I still claim G muster station is in boardwalk and not in the aqua theater 🙂 , there were people that knew much better than us. Next we went to do something we never done it riding the rising bar. We were the only one and it was fun , it also brought us to our deck just in time for our nap.  


Dinner was at 150 , this was our first time there and it was enjoyable, but once again , too much food. We took the beetroot salad , short rib , Cesar salad and lobster. For dessert we took the famous fried cheese cake 


Short rib








Beetroot salad



Cheese cake


Coming back to the room we had a new friend waiting for us


Later we went to see the ice show 2.0 which was , as always fun.




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Day 7 😞

Today , CocoCay , I do love this place but prefer to have a sea day as the last day of the cruise , ohh well "You can't always have what you want , but if you will try sometime you'll see you get what you need". We started with late breakfast at the balcony at 9 am and got ready for the island.


I grabbed few month ago tickets to the beach club for 65$  pp which comparing to the price I see now it's a pretty good and. We wanted to get there early , Sunil with the other genies organized all the star class to meet and escorted  to the Island so it went really fast. We were one of the firsts to arrive the club so we could have chosen were we wanted to seat. We took one of the large beds near the pool and the bar. I went to sweem in the infinity pool and it was very refreshing , I will spare from you pictures of me in the pool. 





Later we started to enjoy the club drinks 


When you enter the club they ask you to go to the host and reserve time for lunch , we asked for 12:30. When the time arrived we went to the resturants were the host escorting you to the washi washi station and stay until you wash your hands properly. It brought me back to the pre school time , but I was happy to see they followinge the  procedures. For lunch you get  the appetizer box which includes several salads and ceviche. For main course my spouse went with the filet mignon and I also wanted to try it per @Matt recommendion but had also request  from @Tiffevento test the lobster and compare it the ship 🙂 so I took one for the team and order a surf and turf. I thought they will bring me a smaller portions but it was full one. 


The lobster was very good.

THe food was good and since they get the meat from the ship I guess it may be better since they have a good grill chef. That's also was the only place until now they ask us to cut the stake and check if it is cooked the way we wanted. For dessert we took the rum cake as it was different from the regular dessert we got until now.


We stayed another hour in the club and since it started to get hot we went back to air conditioning at the ship. 

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Day 7 continue.

Back to the ship we got to the cold room which was a blessing and started to think our packing strategy as we did not want to leave it for the last minute. Just when we thought we done with  it we heard the door bell , it was the cabin attended with the bottles of liquor we bought in the ship and during our previous cruise. More things to pack great. It was also a good opportunity to give the cabin attended the envelope which he  rightly deserves as he was doing good job maintain our cabin. We went to chose our diamond free photo , we found two that we liked and asked to print it. Dinner was again in the cabin , we asked for few salads , few rolls of sushi and the cheese cake from 150. At the distance we could see the convoy doing it's way back to Miami


After dinner we went to check some activity, its funny how on the last night all the bars seems to be full. I went to guest service to pay in cash the week bill when I found out they charged me for towels , they took it out quickly. I pinged Sunil if he wants to come and say goodbye , he said he will see us tomorrow while disembarkation, wanted to give him the envelope and some present we brought with us back from home. It had to wait for the last last day :-). We tried to go to sleep early so the disembarkation will be less stressed , some of us successfully done ,other went to update the blog.


Day 8 , we schedule the meeting with Sunil at 8:45 , I went to being some food from Park Cafe and later coffee from Starbucks. At 8:45 Sunil came and we brought him a present and the envelope . He brought a porter with him and we did our way down to the port , Sunil hand is over to another porter which handed us to a lady who took until the exist. The taxi line was 5 minutes and at 9:10 we were already in the airport


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On 9/15/2021 at 5:19 PM, Traveler said:

Later we heard more noises of falling plates and other things , I thought we left something on the balcony but it was our neighbors from upstairs.

Sorry for all the noise.  We had plates flying everywhere, but I saved my Starbucks, so it's ok.

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