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Back to Back Cruises with the Testing requirement

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Quite the kicker here:


Guests who are not fully vaccinated; or who do not wish to show proof of vaccination; or are not eligible to be vaccinated, such as children who are younger than their country’s permitted vaccination age, are not able to sail on back-to back-cruises.


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RCL is probably the same but here is how Celebrity handles testing for B2B cruisers. I'm on a B3B so, I can attest by personal experience to how Celebrity does it.

You will receive an envelope with a letter in your cabin two days before your ship arrives back at its home port. The envelope will contain a transfer pass. The letter will tell you in detail how the check-out, testing, debarkation and re-boarding process will work. It will tell you that there will be a meeting, a day before debarkation, usually in the morning, for all B2B'ers. You'll do two things at this meeting: talked through the process, get your antigen test. You'll be advised only of a positive antigen test result.

You'll have the option of walking off the ship and returning later or walking off and returning immediately to the ship. On the day of debarkation you'll assemble in a meeting place aboard the ship for B2B'ers around 7;30am. If you're walking off and returning later, you'll get a new Sea Pass card and tracelett, complete the health questionnaire and have a new picture taken at the meeting. You can walk off when the ship has been cleared by the port authority. You'll pass through Customs and Boarder Patrol (CBP). The CBP uses facial recognition to clear at Port Everglades and I suspect elsewhere. It's a quick walk-through process. Otherwise, you go as a group around 9am and pass through CBP, do the facial recognition thing, then wait in a waiting area to re-board the ship. You'll receive your new Sea Pass and traclett here. When the ship has been readied to re-board guests, you walk back on. The whole process takes about an hour. If you start at 9am, you'll be back aboard by 10am.....and have the whole ship to yourself and the other B2B'ers. We had 75 between first and second legs and 41 between 2nd and 3rd legs.


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1 hour ago, JeffB said:

We had 75 between first and second legs and 41 between 2nd and 3rd legs.

That’s a nice number of b2b’ers. Another indication that confidence in cruising is rising…especially among frequent cruisers.

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