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Buffet theme nights

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Hi all,

Next time I cruise I’m wanting to try the Windjammer for dinner, which I never did on my last cruise. I hear there are different themes each night, and the offering changes each night along with the standard crowd pleasers. 

My question is, how do you find out what the theme is for the night? I don't recall seeing this highlighted in the CC, and therefore didn’t know until later in the cruise when all my dining was already planned. On my next cruise we have the 5 night package, plus I want to try Solarium Bistro, and I’m a big fan of the MDR. So hoping I can find the info to plan everything around what we don’t want to miss in the MDR/what we want to try at the buffet. 

I feel like planning food is the biggest planning burden for this cruise ? 

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I don't think they put anything in the CC but I think they list specialty/theme on the wall when you wash your hands. I recall seeing a digital menu hanging up for both the MDR and Windjammer. Also maybe since everything is going to be on the app, you will be able to find it there.

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I think it depends on the ship.  From our experience on the Allure (2 cruises) the buffet was really the same each night.  However, on "smaller" ships, the buffet did have some theme nights and it was pretty cool.  We were able to go to the stand at the front of the Windjammer and they had a list that we snapped a picture of on the first day, so we could plan easily.  We still ate in the MDR each night, but would "swing by" the buffet afterwards to try things.  The mongolian night was amazing!



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I have a hard remembering the last time I ate in the MDR for dinner.  As a solo cruiser I find the whole full service sit down dinner experience over the top for my needs but that is mostly because I cruise often, as much as 22 or more times per year. 

I'm not slamming the MDR and for someone who only cruisers a couple times a year I can understand the appeal of the MDR.  However time and again when I am doing B2B or B3B cruises it's not unusual to see other frequent cruisers like me eating dinner in the WJ.

I prefer the WJ because it is more efficient (in and out quickly) without long periods between courses staring at nothing like I have to do in the MDR.  Solo dining is very different over cruising with someone.

Having said all that I have eaten many WJ dinners on a variety of ships.  

Generally speaking 50% to 60% or so is the same each night such as breads or dinner rolls, salads, desserts and other dinner essentials.  Typically there will be different proteins offered each night.  

I like this approach because I can eat healthier.  I can make a salad and add whatever protein entree is the highlight that night. 

There are theme nights, usually.  British theme nights usually has fish and chips, Mexican night has mexican food, American night is usually hamburgers and hot dogs but these are also available just about anytime and so on.  

Most ships do a different theme every night but there are "classics" available if that theme isn't your thing.

When I'm home I don't make multi course gourmet meals every night.  When I cruise alone I don't always need the full service experience.  The exception would be ships with a Coastal Kitchen because that dinner service proceeds at a tempo to suit each guest.  When solo in CK it generally proceeds much faster without long awkward (for a solo) pauses between courses.  

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1 hour ago, Ampurp85 said:

I don't think they put anything in the CC but I think they list specialty/theme on the wall when you wash your hands.

Sometimes they will mention it somewhere in the Cruise Compass. But only for that day specifically, so it isn't something that allows you to plan ahead.  But at lunch they usually will have out a sign announcing stating the theme as mentioned above.

I am always out to try interesting food items so I absolutely cruise the Windjammer most nights to see if there's something to pique my interest.  Grab a dessert to bring back to the room for a late night snack while I'm at it.  

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