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When. are they going to cancel July cruises?

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If you booked on the website or direct with them, give them a call if they do cancel your July cruise. I have to say, I have gotten excellent support and service from their travel advisors. If your experience is like mine, re-booking to Adventure of the Seas should be smooth.

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@SharlaMEI Travel my TA 706 742 5358 [email protected] should be able to help you secure the cabin you like if you have one in mind. She can place it on hold until you get things sorted. When dealing with these crazy scenarios having a TA working like a Tiger for you helps with the feeling of powerlessness and frustration. I found MEI through this site & have never looked back. Great support here, my husband and daughter see me on the computer & say "are you on the BLOG again?"  My daughter says you tell me I can't talk to people I don't know on the internet, but you do it everyday. This cruise family I know!! Good luck!

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1 hour ago, lisa montesi said:

i am waiting for them to cancel so i can use my credits to book a new sailing out of the bahamas.. The wait is killing me!

You don't need to wait....I was able to call them weeks ago and just moved off Oasis in late July to Adventure first week of August.  I even got a refund since Adventure was cheaper and it covered the cost of the airfare

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