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Only reply in this thread when you see an Adventure of the Seas sailing to book!

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9 minutes ago, twangster said:

Because @Lovetocruise2002 is stuck in Canada and isn't going. 

Otherwise she would have started one a month ago before Royal announced it.

You guys...I am so sad reading this thread, you have no idea.  FOMO is real. 😭

Someone else will have to blog this summer.  I am headed to the mountains.  We won't be vaccinated in time.  Hubby is getting his tomorrow but most of Canada is spacing the shots out 4 months apart.  I might be May at the earliest so summer cruising is a no go.  

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1 hour ago, smokeybandit said:

Are there any indications of capacity limits or are they booking all cabins?

All cabin categories. Obviously limited numbers, but insides and oceanview available to book

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45 minutes ago, smokeybandit said:

Air2sea is available now. Prices are awful though, at least for me

Interesting. Royal Caribbean said their prices would be discounted/subsidized. 

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9 minutes ago, Mightycruiser said:

I just heard from my TA that Royal contacted them and told them there may be a problem with B2B cruises and to be prepared. Anyone hear anything about this?

I have a B2B booked. Haven't heard yet...

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7 hours ago, BarbieBell said:

My amazing Travel Agent, Michelle at MEI had me booked by 7:00 a.m. Texas time for June 19 sailing. I got air DFW non stop to Nassau $400 round trip. We chose to go a day early and booked the Marriott Courtyard and they allowed a 1 night booking. 

Cheers to Michelle for going the extra mile to make this one happen, but then again, that’s her style when working with you on any travel plans. 

Michelle is the best!!

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24 minutes ago, Mightycruiser said:

Johnt83  are at the Courtyard Junkanoo Beach if so do you know if its walkable. If not I would be glad to share transportation with you to the ship. 

It's about a 15 minute walk to the Courtyard Junkanoo beach.  If you've ever been to Nassau, the Courtyard is about the same distance from Senor Frogs as Senor Frogs is to the port (assuming they're using the same port to sail out of in Nassau that they use for port stops).

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20 hours ago, Landry_TX said:

Booked for July 3rd!!

What are the odds they’ll shoot fireworks on the 4th while at CocoCay? 

Happy New Year Celebration GIF by Faith Holland

We'll be with you on that cruise and we're hoping for the same but it will be great either way!

Thanks Michelle from MEI!  We were still hoping our July cruise on Symphony would happen and had no plans to switch to Adventure today.  Now we have an awesome room on a cruise that is going to happen!

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8 minutes ago, smokeybandit said:

Looks like my return flight options are 2pm or 5pm. Anyone see any hints on any new disembarkation processes that would suggest 2pm is too early?

Nothing firm but i wouldnt think disembarkation would be overly complicated ... embarkation is much more likely to be a long process (IMO)

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Jealous of all you who are able to book! Exciting times... I am not yet vaccinated and not sure how comfortable I'd feel being one of the first ones back on a ship but I am looking forward to hearing all about your experiences! Currently booked on Symphony in Feb 2022, Oasis in Feb 2023, and looking to book a 5-nighter out of LA on the Navigator for late summer/early Fall 2022 with the amazing @michelleon Monday 3/29! Woot!

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