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Port Orlando & Kennedy Space Center??

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We are booked on the Anthem out of Cape Liberty, NJ next April 2022. First stop is Port Orlando and there is nothing on the cruise planner regarding excursions anywhere. I know it's early, but does Royal offer an excursion to the Space Center? Thanks. 😎

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Typically yes, and I would strongly encourage it.  I've done the tour on Anthem in Dec 2019 with the whole family and just myself in Sept 19 as a self guided when I was on Mariner.  It is an excellent opportunity to see so much space history.

My guess is that it has something to do with COVID as to why its not showing up in the planner.  I would just keep checking back.  

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I can’t remember if our cruise planner listed an excursion or not .... we had a later arrival time into PC so it’s possible it didn’t coincide well with the space centres operating hours. Then we were rerouted due to weather so we missed the stop. Regardless, if you can I would highly recommend KSC and make sure you give yourself enough time to see everything.  It is a well known fact that I ALWAYS buy the photo packages.  This is why. 🥰 A throwback to when our son was a few years younger.  It was a fun day! 




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