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Did they extend the date FCC must be used by?

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I'm a bit confused as to how I'm gonna be able to use the rest of my FCC. We used our FCC for a September cruise that was cancelled so we "lifted and shifted" to Next August. I was just reading the original Email from Royal with the FCC on it and states this.

  • Any booking made using this FCC must be used for a sailing that commences on or before April 30th, 2022 and must be redeemed by December 31st, 2021.
  • If the FCC is not redeemed on or before December 31, 2021, the certificate will automatically expire and have no value

I'm having trouble understanding how we are going to be able to use the left over FCC. We have about 1,200 in FCC still. If we are sailing August 2021 and then we have to use the rest or redeem the rest before December 31 2021 and sail before April 30th 2022 that is kinda a short window? As I understand it we can't use the rest till after our sailing August 2021. Have the extended the use of FCC since we received this email? Otherwise we sail August 2021, then wait to be issued the rest [1,200] FCC, then find a booking, and sail before April 31 2022. Maybe its just me but that's kinda condensed for all that. I mean it can be done, but I'd rather sail after April 31 2022. Thanks again for any help and this might be a bit confusing as it is for me.

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18 minutes ago, crisgold52 said:

They will most likely extend dates. Question is when. Currently both global suspension as well as cruise with confidence FCC must be applied to a booking by Dec 31 2021 for a sailing no later than April 30 2022. If one doesn't plan to sail again it's best to maximize the use of the FCC by upgrading cabin CAT or just choosing a higher fare type. 


Any unused portion of an applied FCC is dispersed 30 days after completion of the existing sailing to which the portion of the FCC was applied to. 

Oh wow so the policy is still April 30 2022. Ok, I mean we can do that but don't want to. Don't want to lose the rest of the FCC that we earned either. I'll start looking now as what we can do before April 30th 2022. The full 2022 schedule isn't out yet either so I'll have look again as its fully released. Thank you for the help.

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13 minutes ago, RCIfan1912 said:

Oh wow so the policy is still April 30 2022.

Yes.  The policy at the moment is still the end of April 2022.  That is also why I have stopped taking the FCC option.  My cancelled August sailing is the last one that I took and after that I started asking for refunds.  Having lost 4 sailings already, I have so many FCCs that at first I thought I would have no trouble using them up (since we have a bunch booked next year too) but now with no start date in sight, I am starting to worry.  If they extend the date, I might start taking FCCs again, but otherwise refunds for now.

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The remaining FCC has to be applied to a future cruise by December 30, 2021. That future cruise must sail by April 30, 2022. 

You should get that remaining FCC within a month after your August cruise. If you don’t have it by end of September, I’d phone RC. 

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9 minutes ago, crisgold52 said:

Yep it is very limiting due to this hence I'ce only for one GLOBAL SUSPENSION FCC and taxes sitting with RCL for November and a refundable deposit for February. If I had any more cash tied up I'd opt for refunds for this reason. It's also why I opted to not buy any more pre cruise purchases now as to avoid tying up more money. The carrot they dangled with the cruise planner sales worked I'm sure with a large infusion of revenue but with no actual realistic sail date in sight then it becomes a logistical headache just to deal with more disposals of refunds again. Theres always always always sales 🙂

I get a work bonus in January and February, I know odd they come after Christmas, but that is when I plan on making all the cruise planner purchases for our 🙏 cruise in August. We should have a clearer idea of what is going on with cruises by then....I hope. 😳

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