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1 minute ago, NEbluebird said:

Do the drink packages ever get cheaper than 30% off?

Or the Bundle & Save is now at 35% off we are going on the 7 Night Western Caribbean Holiday Cruise on Adventure of the Seas.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, but remember with cruise planner purchases you can buy now and if they go down you can rebook. 

currently for my cruises for this year I’m seeing, 49.00, 49.00, and 44.00 

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The percentage off really doesn't matter, Royal plays with that math all the time.  Generally anything under $50, regardless of whether it is "on sale" is a really good deal.  Oasis class ships seem to be a tad higher, anything in the low $50s is good.  The lowest I ever paid was on Adventure and that was $44.  I think I snagged in on Harmony 2 years ago for $48 or $49.  I am on Oasis in February and I bought it recently at $53, no sale.  It hasn't gone cheaper yet, but I am always monitoring my cruise planner.       

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