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I am happy to report, that we cancelled our May 31 cruise on April 20th (after RC cancelled all sailings through June), and today we have received almost our complete refund.  We are a few hundred short, but so far 4 credits have been deposited to my card, with the largest being the full cruise fare.  So, less than 30 days and we basically have our refund.  I don't know if this makes a difference or not, but we booked with a TA and she handled the refund request. 

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I was very surprised to find that the Brilliance Canada/NE cruise has disappeared from the list of upcoming cruises in My Cruises.  Since all of the cancellations began, those cancelled cruises have been remaining in my list until after the cruise actually would have been completed.  So, it would seem to me that since the cruise has disappeared from my list, it has been "officially cancelled" by Royal, which is a change in the way they have been doing things.  Theoretically, this will affect the length of time for FCCs/refunds.  I got the official cancellation of my Cruise Planner items yesterday.  I hope this speeds things up.  I still haven't received anything from my cancelled May Majesty cruise yet (except for cruise fare FCC's) !

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5 minutes ago, Ray said:

Yip and its ALL gone again lol 😂😂 

Drinks package at $46 per day

3 excursions for both of us and 2 spa treatments for my wife 🙂 

And what was left for next cruise 



That's the fastest I've heard it coming back (lately) so that's fantastic!

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