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Hope Of the Seas 13-18 April Holy Land cruise (sort of)

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Day 5 - Haifa.

So we left the port of Ashdod after two intensive days (and nights) and came to the port of Hifa.
Hifa is a city that build on the side of the Cramel mountains and has nice view from its hills, Also its the home of the Bahai gardens - https://www.ganbahai.org.il/en/ which are built on the corner of the mountains and very impressive. Haifa is the gate to the sea of Galilee ,  Nazareth  and many other places in north of Israel, 

We started the morning by eating in the newts  breakfast place on the ship , its called Bistrot le  Paris Gardin , I think its the only place you need to reserve seats for breakfast as space is limited . The concept is simple , once you book the seats your order what you would like to get and they prepare it 15-20 minute before you come , everything is fresh. Once you enter you get a picnic basket with your order and you are seated on a rag located on a green grass area , located outside, We ordered eggs benedict , blini with caviar combo , baguette with butter and cream cheese on the side and  chocolate croissant the other two are baked on the spot and were very fresh , we also got fresh coffee and squeeze juice. All was very good and different,we liked the concept and for sure will try it again. 
It was time to go to the port , the first thing we have done was to go up the mountain to have a view of the city   


AS we had enough from cities we decided to enjoy the nature and try some short track on one of the north mountain , we decide to go to the Miron mountain which has a nice circle full of view track. On the way to the mountain we went near a filed of red Anemones flowers , we had stop and take some pictures :



I guess it was just that time of the year which they are blooming so we were very lucky .

We finally got to the mountain and parked the car on top of it , the view from the mountain is very nice 




You can also sea the sea of Galilee 



Its take around 1 hour to finish the circle track and we were back to the our car, we drove back to the Med sea area , this time we wanted to go to a less cultivate beach  which you can find near Hifa city , we parked our car and after 10 minutes walk we arrived to this wonderful beach:







We went into the water for a while and later we just stop to rest and enjoy the view and our last few hours in the holly land .

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1 hour ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

You called the red flower anemone.  Is it the same as a poppy ?

The official name as I understand is poppy anemone poppy for the red one https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anemone , they are from the buttercup family . there is another red flower that call just poppy which has darker center and it's  petals looks less organized. 

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Day 6 - cruising back.

The visit to Israel ended and we started our last day of the cruise  , on one hand very  sad that it was ending  on the other hand it was  a sea day which will allow us to check some of the new cool things on the ship.  
Finally we could sleep longer , once we were ready we just went to eat breakfast at  the MDR , I liked the free mimosas they kept filling up, the crepe  stands and the breakfast salads which they mixed to order. After we finished breakfast and the mimosas we went to the upper deck to check the new water slides , there are  three  regular slides and two which I think are world record for the longest slides at sea . After you take a tube from  deck 20  it goes all the way down  , around the ship and then the transparent tube is entering  inside the ship and you pass through casino , the theater and above the aqua theater. At the end the slides turns and push up back to deck 20 were you can choose if to navigate while in the tube to a queue for a another round or you can get out to the pool. With the tube you get also a  water prof personal headphones  which use 3rd generation Bluetooth so you can choose to play songs from your mobile device (that you can leave in the cabin) , soundtrack that is sync with your location of the slides or @Matt Royal Caribbean podcasts of . I loved it , I have done the slides something like 6  times before I remembered we have other things we need to check.
Our next station was just ready on time , The ship actually stops in the middle of the sea and they are sending out a floating platform which creates a huge sea water pool  . it is also has some decks were you can seat . We tried it as I like to swim but I do not like how the ship pool are too small and busy most of the times. Here you have a huge pool and you can swim as much as you want . They also lower down a floating bar which you can enjoy and the best , you do not need to think when was the last time someone changed the water 🙂 .
We used the pool for few hours and came back inside the ship , overall the temporary pool was there for 6 hours. We went up to deck 18 to check the regular pools and to get some vitamin D  , the nice thing  here is that they use the same WJ system , the app locates you empty chairs (if no empty chairs it enters you to a queue and let you know once its becomes available ) once you use the chair they have a timer were again as in the WJ you need to reset every 20 minutes so no seat huggers  option! , once your time pass the crew collects your stuff and store it in one of the stations (the application can tell you exactly were they put it). We enjoyed the sun and ordered to the seat a fresh made Guacamole, they are actually doing  it in front of your eyes the way they used to do it in Sabor , excellent . We also order some burgers that were very fresh and juicy. To wash it out we took some Margaritas.
We rest a while in the cabin and went to try our luck in the casino , lets just say , you remember that everyone asks the casino dealers if anyone won the top bonus  game in the 3rd card Poker ? well I can tell you that the answer is 100% yes, what a day.
Our dinner was in the tapas chef table , which is like the chef table but it based on tapas (and wines , lots of wine) , the chef prepare it in front your eyes, everything tasted so good. We finished just in time to sea the new aqua show , the main twist here are the seats , no more the uncomfortable seats of the qua theater but a very nice seat which are like the one in the 4D Cinema , they move aligned with the show and add some other interesting effects ,I can not reveal everything but lets just say I understood why they have seat belts there ... not to be missed . for people who do not like such experience , there are also regular seats.

We wanted to conclude the night on the most important party , the silent/blinded disco party ! , you get your head phones and you use your VR light glasses , not just you can choose your music but you can choose the theme and the location of the party. You can dance on top of the Eiffel tower , Time square ,  Niagara falls , the Chinese wall , the moon , you name it , you can also have a party in the white hours, Wow it was something else. 
Sadly , we were already coming too close to the end of the cruise so we decided to catch something to eat and have few hours of sleep.

Well that was the end of this cruise on Hope of the seas , hope you had fun and enjoy the ride , see you next time , hopefully soon when cruises will be real not just virtual.

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