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Favorite all time cruise and ship

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Most of us have a favorite cruise we have been on and a favorite ship, no cruising going on, so time for some favorite memories. Mine is a couple of years ago out of San Juan on the Freedom of the seas. We enjoy the stops like St. Maarten and those type of islands, plus we had a group of 8 that had a lot of fun together. We do have one booked in late May we was sure looking forward to on the Independence with our son,his wife and the grandkids, would have been our first cruise with the grandkids.  Let’s hear some good memories.

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Our first cruise was amazing and where we caught the cruise bug. It was part of our honeymoon and we sailed on the Disney Wonder back in June 2004. We were not sure if we would like cruising 😊, so we went with the Disney Land & Sea package. Needless to say, Disney set the bar very high!

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed every cruise to date on Royal and are definitely loyal to Royal and look to book with them first. Best balance of variety, quality and value in our opinion (and newest/best maintained large fleet). We never feel disappointed or cheated with Royal. Each cruise seems to be better than the last somehow! We would consider other lines (Disney again, NCL, etc.), but have not been tempted to date.

Our favorite cruise was our last on Allure back in May 2019. We stopped at Labadee, Falmouth/Jamaica, and Cozumel. Our first Oasis class cruise was epic! What also made it more enjoyable was that we went with good friends. Not that a cruise with family is not enjoyable, but one with only friends is completely different for sure! :27_sunglasses:

Hoping our upcoming 5/31 Oasis cruise is not canceled! We were supposed to be in Nassau on our anniversary date (6/4). May have to book a backup just in case in OCT. My wife and I are going alone on this one. We also can’t wait for our 4/24/21 cruise on Symphony... back with our friends from the Allure cruise... we affectionately refer to that upcoming cruise as “Epic II” the sequel!

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Nice topic Dan.  

My favorite ship specifically is the Adventure of the Seas and generally is the Voyager Class from RCCL.  I've been on Voyager Class ships several times.  The layout is great and the size is perfect from my view..

My favorite cruise is without a doubt January of 2007 on the Carnival Legend.  It was Ships and Dips 1 (Barenaked Ladies Cruise).  I've written about it here before.  The Barenaked Ladies remain a favorite of many in my family and they gave an up close and personal experience to the passengers on the ship that week.  There was the Barenaked at Sea photo, and it was there that my brothers and I met the band Gaelic Storm, a band that is not just our favorite band... a great band, but has become friends to our family.  A band that is played at every family party.  My parents, who are in their 80s, saw them live last year and loved it.  My mom said she had to see them and meet them to thank them, specifically Patrick Murphy the front man, for their friendship and care during my brother's illness and ultimate passing.  Bands and celebrities don't care, but Gaelic Storm does.  Go see them live.  It is unforgettable.


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