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I just booked my Honeymoon cruise on Harmony of the seas on Oct. 18! We are super excited! We decided to go with the ultimate drink package and are looking at dining packages. I've been on 2 royal Caribbean cruises with my family 1 on Monarch and 1 on Freedom and my fiance is hoping on her first. Both cruises we ate exclusively at the included areas, i.e. main dining room, windjammer, sorrentos, etc. I want her to experience the (classic) cruising experience with the main dining room but we also want to experience the specialty dining so we're looking at doing the 3 night option. We definitely want to experience Wonderland but aren't sure which other specialty dining we should go with! Any suggestions are appreciated. We also are curious if the RCCL can do anything special for our arrival? Has anyone experienced this and if so how to set it up? Thank you all!

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We are fans of chops, good steak house menu and excellent service. Jamie's was also very tasty, we did that on Oasis back in 2012.

Let them know it's your honeymoon and keep spreading the word. Most staff will make a big deal about it. In regards to "your arrival" you can buy various stateroom decorations on Royal's website. Honestly, it's expensive. Might be more fun to sneak decorations onboard, ask your new bride to run and get drinks and decorate real quick from dollar store stuff. My wife did this for my (sigh it's been a while) 30th bday and I loved it. She probably spent $10 bucks to my $100+ when I paid for Royal decorations on an anniversary.

Congratulations and welcome to the forum. Stick around!

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Definitely tell your TA it's your honeymoon. I'm going on my honeymoon on Harmony Dec 13th with the Western Itinerary, and to be perfectly honest we only booked one or two nights of specialty dining. The main dining room has great service and food, and it's included so we plan on eating there most of the time like we have previously. 

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