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When is your next cruise?


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14 hours ago, rjac said:

Michelle (MEI) was successful in a Lift & Shift of our Aug 11, 2020 Alaska cruise to Aug 3, 2021. Same ship, same cabin and same money. Color us HAPPY and thanks Michelle! :27_sunglasses:

She's amazing ...... after our Freedom Cruise was canceled, we rebooked Oasis in September using the FCC, only to turn around and use the Lift & Shift Program to move it to NEXT September.....

So, if you would, please remove my Oasis, 9/20/20 to Oasis 9/19/21.

Also, please add Mariner 4/23/21.



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I've gone on a cruise-planning spree! These will not only get me to Diamond, but I'll also get to take part in at least one Group Cruise next year! And...my first B2B! ?


Jan. 26-Feb. 6, 2021 Anthem (Cape Liberty-Southern Caribbean)


Sept. 25-30, 2021 Freedom (Cape Liberty-Bermuda)


Sept. 30-Oct. 9, 2021 Freedom (Cape Liberty-New England/Canada)


Nov. 22-29, 2021 Harmony (Group Cruise) (Orlando-Perfect Day)

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Please remove our Oasis, 10/4/20 sailing and add Oasis, 10/3/21...

We elected to Lift & Shift it this morning to play it safe!

Maybe the 3rd time's a charm? Oasis out of Bayonne or bust! :27_sunglasses:

The 10/4/20 sailing was a re-book of the 5/31/20 sailing which we would have just returned from this morning... ?


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