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Skipping a porttkuation

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Sorry about mess above.  Ship’s WiFi dropped us. Management will not refund port charges for missed port, citing signed agreement. Other cruise lines we sailed on have been willing to do refund. Any experiences or suggestions?  This money will go straight to RCL’s profit and should be returned!  

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Sorry to hear that. No idea what the official stance is,(someone here does I am sure) but usually when ports are missed, credit back in the form of OBC..or at least that's my experience when it happened a couple different times.


Weather is nasty in Halifax today.....high winds and rain....sorry you had to miss it...hope its not too rough out on the waters!

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It probably depends on what the port agreement is, my understanding is that if a fee/tax is refunded from the port then they are required to pass it back to the customer since it was never RCI's money to start with but that if their agreement does not get the refund back from the port then they have nothing to refund.


Over the year's i have had several refunds of a dollar or two for the fee having changed between my booking time and the actual cruise and this was the reason given.

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