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I am visiting Labadee for the first time in December. Recently I found a map (which I have attached) that shows a few "paths" that are marked leisure, moderate, and strenuous. Does anyone know if these are hiking trails? Along with having a beach day, we would like to do some hiking/exploring around the island and I just wanted to see if anyone had been on these paths and also find out where they lead. Thank you for any help you can give! 😊


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I frequently use the nature trails around Labadee.  They provide the best views of the ship and Atlantic.  I wouldn't call it hiking though, they aren't that long and are easy compared to some real hiking I've done.  They are more like walking paths but I guess if someone has mobility challenges they could become strenuous.

Your map is a little out of date.  The area #14 isn't used anymore. 

They start very close to base area 200' from the the pier.  On your map this is right after starting on the path after #1.  It's a slight uphill climb but not hard at all if you like to walk.


Soon enough there is a viewing area looking back towards the ship.  



Freedom on a different visit.


This continues around the corner. 



The ship is behind you at this point



This area is supposed to be related to spa services but I've never actually seen people here getting a massage.




At this point you are approaching the landing zone for the zip line but there is a path that continues around the landing zone.

Sometimes they close the path to the point.




Dragon's Lookout Point or #6 on your map.



There are some more paths around but this is the primary one to explore.  The other green paths on the map are really sidewalks around Labadee.  The entire area is very walkable and often I'll never use the trams but prefer to walk.

There is another path "through the woods" for lack of a better phrase but these don't really go anywhere exciting and have no views to speak of.  There are some old buildings found off them that aren't used anymore.  This is the red path labeled strenuous on your map.  You can walk it just to do it.

I'll be going 3 times in December from Oasis.  Are you on Ken's big cruise?

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Yes she is @twangster!  

In Sept 2017 we did "yoga on the beach" up those paths, in the spa area.  It was too hot to actually do it on the sand, so they walked us up there and we had yoga under a covered old bar area.  The massage ladies were out there on our way back, we did notice. 

@lauraodonnell86 we followed most of those paths at one point that day, it was a pretty walk but definitely not a hike.  Unless it's 90 degrees like it was that day...we definitely felt like we hiked!  LOL 

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Twagster, thank you photos and info, I think I am on the same trip as Laura in December. Its has been many years since I've been to Labadee.. I tendered! I will wear socks with tevas (the fashion police are groaning), and go for this walk as well. Boots are not needed! 

I will bring water shoes, that has been recommended by several people.

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5 hours ago, lauraodonnell86 said:

@twangster Thank you so much for all of the information and pictures! This will be great for my sister and I to do a little exploring! Yep, I am on Jarvis's cruise! The price was too good to pass up! I look forward to cruising with you again! 

Maybe we should organize a walk, or a Labadee bar crawl.  

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