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11 minutes ago, usafun said:

is this a temporary problem?

Most likely. Try again using a different browser and/or device. Using an incognito tab also oftens helps.

However, there's no need to worry, as checking in online is not mandatory; so even in a worst case scenario in which you are completely unable to access online check-in prior to sailing, you would still be able to go to port and check in there. It would just take a few extra minutes while they verify your details. 

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8 minutes ago, tiny260 said:

I just tried mine and got the same message, so it appears that it is an issue, probably doing site maintenance.

I still have 9 days to go before I can do mine. Hope it's sorted by then. I want to be able to check in the very nano-second it opens up! ?

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On 7/14/2019 at 12:04 AM, FManke said:

As @JohnK6404 said, you can get as many apps, sides and dessert as you want. You do only get one entrée. The servers, at least in our case, asked when we ordered one side each, if we wanted to order more. Same with the apps.

i tried it with chrom. website uploads well, but ckin wouldnt.
good idea nto try also with IE or with chrom incognito.

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3 hours ago, usafun said:

i reserved my cruise on line, so do not have travel agent.


its working ok with I.E, while chrom still shoe a problem.

Actually, your travel agency is whatever website you booked through.  You may not have a specific agent assigned for you to call for help but you do have a travel agent.  The only way to not have a travel agent is booking directly with Royal.

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