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Medical care aboard ship

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Our first full day on Independence of the Seas the first week of December my husband woke up sick. He immediately knew what it was from several prior experiences. He had prostate cancer surgery about 4 years ago and he gets urinary tract infections once or twice a year. It has no warning until it hits him like a truck. He went straight to medical and told them what was going on. They ran a urine test and said it was fine, it must be the seasickness patch he was wearing (but he had just put it on 10 min earlier because the ship had a lot of movement that morning and he was being cautious). He told her about prior experiences where he had been told he was fine, but 3 hours later he was in an ER. He insisted they do a blood test, and the Dr gave him antibiotics as soon as she saw that test. He came back to the room and went to bed. I knew it was best for him to have a quiet, dark room so I went off exploring the ship by myself. I got back 90 minutes later to check on him to see a wheelchair in front of our room and a nurse and male employee getting him to the chair to go back to medical. He had thrown up (common with these bouts) all over himself, the bed, the floor. He said he tried calling for help, then tried to get to the phone and called 911. The nurse said she had already alerted staff to clean the room. He stayed in medical for over 2 hours to get iv's for dehydration and more antibiotics. The he was told he was quarantined for 24 hours. We knew he wasn't contagious, this is normal with this infection, but they stood their ground and he was taken back to the room by wheelchair. All he had to eat for 48 hours was a banana and lots and lots of plain water (the banana was after the 24 hours). We expected a huge bill but the total for everything was $369.83. We thought this was amazingly low for all that had to be done. Sadly, because of the quarantine he only got 2 days of a 4 night cruise and we had the deluxe beverage package. He couldn't go ashore on our 1 port day or go to "formal" night and since I didn't want to go alone I stayed with him. Lots of other tales about our 1st cruise, but we have determined not to let that color our view of cruises and hope to do another one in the future.

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