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Symphony Live(ish) coming up 5/18 to 5/25


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Skid, thank you for the amazing review and for the comparison to Voyager class.  We've been on Mariner which I'm guessing is similar to Adventure (which we have later this year).  The bridge along the promenade is fun and great for everyone to see.  I agree with you about Symphony...from entertainment (wow!) to art to dining choices..it really is something.  Great to hear you had such great service on Symphony.  Us too..no issues and our cabin stewart and MDR always had a smile on their faces.  We never had your CD as he was off that week (we had Simeon who I think is usually one of the comedians).  Sounds like your CD was pretty good though, especially with the shows.  Probably it's just the size of the ship not seeing them around as much as we found the same on Allure and Symphony.  

Great review...sounds like you had a great cruise.


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On 5/14/2019 at 4:14 PM, Skid said:

I got an e-mail today from Royal that I have never seen before---a PRE-cruise survey. Multiple choice questions about previous cruises, C&A level, if close friends or family work for certain industries (marketing, finance, etc), age, who sailing with, motivation for booking this particular cruise and  then "an essay question" about what we are looking forward to at Perfect Day at CocoCay. Seems like THAT is what the were most interested in because....tada...they offered a $75 Amazon gift card for agreeing to participate in additional research when we get back. I'll take it!  

Wondering if others here ever got a pre-cruise survey or if this is new because they seriously want Perfect Day feedback. After spending $250 million, I'd think they want to make sure they got it right.


Just wanted to update for anyone that may get this offer. After Cococay they sent a survey and asked that we upload some pictures and make comments via the app previously downloaded on your mobile phone. It was easy as can be and I received the $75 Amazon credit today.

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