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  1. Anyone notice dining offering gratuities included in the price on the CP? Haven't seen that before.
  2. Curious on the 'Beach Break with Open Bar' at Beach Escape Club listed on the website in excursions, what is it like? It states that it's open bar, does that mean all-inclusive? (the fine print says food is a fee so I'm wondering if the drinks are not included either) If anyone has details on this one, please let us know!
  3. I’m going on Harmony in a few weeks and a little while ago I noticed the shows pop up in the cruise planner and you were able to reserve ahead of time. I booked what I wanted and I’ve been checking periodically to see if anything has changed as it seems to be slim offerings listed compared to what I’m used to seeing, especially for an 8 night cruise. Tonight I just went in to look and the Fine Line has completely disappeared from the list of shows, along with my reservation I had for it in my calendar. Just checked my email as well and there’s been no notification of cancellation or anything. Anyone have any insight on what’s going on with this?? Thanks!
  4. We are going on the Western Mediterranean sailing in the Symphony on June 15 2023 out of Civitavecchia (Rome). Does anyone know how early Royal puts shore excursions for sale on the cruise planner? Thank you!
  5. Has this been discussed at all recently? I put the Deluxe Beverage Package in my cart MANY weeks ago when the price was at the lowest I had seen, but I did not commit to buying it. Ever since, I saw the price substantially increase twice while the price in the cart held steady. I decided to buy it and see if my in-cart price would be honored an it was! (And ya know if not, I could've just cancelled!) My order history, email receipt, and my credit card charges all confirm that I got it at the previous price that was offered. Has anyone experienced this with the drink packages or any other items in the Cruise Planner?
  6. Due to a recent change to one of our bookings, we lost the $50 OBC that we had used to purchase some items in the cruise planner. Now we have a balance to pay. Is there a way to do this online? I'm on the phone now waiting and don't see it in the planner, but figured I's ask just in case. Thanks! (We did a reprice and even after losing the OBC, we're still ahead by $137, so it's all good. )
  7. For 2 weeks now we've been unable to add anything to our cruise planner cart. We ended up making our final purchase via phone only to have a glitch with our entire reservation resulting in Royal Caribbean canceling the cabin. Reservation is now fixed however our cruise planner purchases are due to be refunded. Now we have to repurchase our cruise planner items. This wouldn't be an issue except our initial refund email said our refund amount was 0.00 even though it was canceled and email sent to my parents cabin booking not mine. After multiple phone calls (latest one 2.5 hours yesterday), IT is supposed to have our cruise planner unlocked by Wednesday (2nd time I've heard that), our on-board credit restored, and our actual refund sometime in 7 business days. We are just supposed to trust them to refund the money after all these issues. Our sailing is in 3 weeks. We aren't sure if there will be another cruise planner sale after we get our refund back. Does anyone know how close to sailing the sales continue? Super frustrated
  8. Can you cancel cruise planner purchases made pre cruise even when on board? Excursion or dinners if you change your mind? Or if it is a conflict with a show you really want to go to.
  9. Hey everyone, We're sailing on January 1, 2022 on the Mariner. These are the items were considering purchasing for our 5 night trip. None of these prices look particularly good to me, but I'm new at this. I would appreciate any input or feedback! Thank you!
  10. I have until April 8 to claim the 125% on items purchased through the cruise planner for my May canceled cruise. I have Symphony on hold with my TA until my FCC shows up on April 30. Can I still select the 125% offer or do I have to select the 100% refund to my credit card? Anyone know how this works?
  11. We are booked on our first cruise leaving New Orleans on Majesty of the Seas August 29th. I hadn't bought any excursions yet and was getting ready to when this whole COVID thing started. (I wanted all the options to be available before I picked). Our cruise has not been cancelled yet and we are hoping it will stay that way. I just made the final payment and was thinking about booking some excursions. However, I haven't seen any cruise planner sales that I recall in months. Should I wait for a sale? Should I wait period until cruises start up again? Please help. I'm new and am worried. Things are very tight but it is our 5th anniversary and I want it to be as special as I can make it.
  12. We are booked in a Jr. Suite on the Odyssey of the seas for Thanksgiving 2020. I went ahead and purchased many things but then the 40% sale occurred. After reviewing the numbers and consultations with @Lovetocruise2002, I felt comfortable enough to bundle some things and purchase the Key which I felt was a better price then I have previously seen. So I cancelled and re-priced a great deal, huge dollar amount. Am I also looking at the 30 to 45 day turn around for my refunds? Thanks also to @Jaymac Radio, I purchased the water park passes for the three of us, quite comfortable I can tuck away somewhere thus staying with my family and not purchasing a cabana, as that price for this week is still super high. Be safe and stay healthy everyone!
  13. Hey there. Sharing my Q&A with Royal here, in case this helps someone decide. This is targeted only to those with cruises canceled just this week (the ones that went thru May 12) and were offered to have their Cruise Planner purchases given back in OBC as opposed to refunded.
  14. Good day everyone! First time cruise on Anthem of the seas in July sailing from Southampton, UK for 8 nights. A party of 4 of us are going so have booked two inside staterooms. Having booked the cruise over the phone direct with royal Caribbean I soon realised following email confirmation that each stateroom has been placed under a different booking reference. After looking on the email receipt it shows that neither stateroom had the other linked to the same booking. I went to my online account and linked the bookings manually however I noticed that neither stateroom is linked to use the same cruise planner and instead extras need to be booked/paid for separately for each stateroom!? Is there a way to link the booking references to the same cruise planner so we can all book activities/dining together? Also having linked the staterooms to the same booking via my online account, will RCI recognise this as the same booking and therefore group all parties together in the same dining room to eat together? Sorry for the confusion. Novice cruiser here ?
  15. Maybe it's been awhile since I looked at the "my calendar" feature on the cruise planner, but I noticed when I went on there today that there is the option to add custom events to your calendar besides the ones Royal auto populates with your purchases! Has anyone else noticed or used this feature? It seems like it would be great for adding things you really don't want to miss that you see in past cruise compasses. Or plotting out ideal times for specialty dining if you have a dining package. You can even pick which people in your party that you want to add the event to their calendar. I'm definitely going to be playing with this feature in the near future!
  16. It's 107 days out and I can finally access entertainment! So exciting! Does anyone know if I change my mind, is it easy to cancel and then reschedule? I waited so long and don't want to mess it up! Thanks!
  17. Just wanted to let everyone know that just TODAY I was able to reserve our Thermal Suite Couple Pass on the cruise planner for our July 2019 Alaska cruise on Radiance! Haven't seen that before.
  18. We made our reservations last night, and started looking at the cruise planner, deciding what things we would like to purchase for the cruise. I was looking at the Voom basic (no streaming) package for 1 device yesterday and it said 11.99...but today it says 14.99. Why did the price go up overnight?? Do these packages and things go on and off of 'sales'...should i just watch them for a while and buy when they are 'on sale' ?? I am confused...
  19. Check your Cruise Planner Spring into Saving up to 30% sale Got Thrill Waterpark Cabana And Full Day Pass for $471 for my Symphony in October
  20. I was checking the cruise planner for our Alaska Southbound 2019 July sailing. Up until yesterday, the refreshment package was $18. Today it is $26. I had reserved it at the $18/day rate (so yes, purchase when you can afford to), but now I'm wondering about the Black Friday "sales". Are they going to put it on "sale" back to the $18/day price or will they be honorable and really put it on sale?
  21. Just wanted to report that I just cancelled and rebooked Voom Surf & Stream for 3 Devices for our July 19th, 2019 Radiance of the Seas Alaska Southbound. The price dropped from $226.66 to $202.93. May not seem like much, except now that's another two drinks, or. . . It really does pay to keep checking the cruise planner and the fare of your cruise. By checking both (about every other day), I have been able to avail our family to upgrading our stateroom (started with a JS and with fare reductions over the last two qtrs, have upgraded to a GS and then to an OS, all at the same price as what we originally booked the JS, YESSSSS!!!). Have saved money on the Voom just by checking the cruise planner.
  22. This is a question I always see on this board..."How early does ____ open for booking?" Today I logged into my CP and saw that everything, except entertainment, is open for my March 2019 cruise on Harmony. That is a whole 283 days out! And dining was actually out before at 328 days out! On the Harmony FB group, some are reporting that their packages are now open for June 2019 sailings. So it just goes to show again that there is no rhyme or reason to it.
  23. I booked my first RC cruise today! I entered the information to log into the cruise planner. I have 2 questions right now. . 1) I don't create a login like a user name and password? I have to always log in using my reservation number? (I figured this one out! ) 2) I was looking at drink packages to see what that pricing as like. It is not available and says to try onboard the ship. Is that normal? TIA!
  24. Hi Guys, is there any way to get a breakdown of where OBC came from? I have applied for a few different offers with OBC and I would like to know which was given so I can make sure they gave me the right amount?
  25. I just checked my Cruise Planner for my March 31, 2018 sailing on Freedom. No new discounts for any of my activities apart from the Dragon's Breath zip line, which is down to $79 ($4/ticket less than the best I'd found to date); in fact, the Dolphin Push, Pull, & Swim excursion on St. Kitts has gone up $15 from the best price I found. Everything else is the same as the last sale where I had rebooked all of my excursions and drink packages. I'm assuming the zip line price will stay as-is through the weekend; going to hold off rebooking it (and saving another $12) until it's business hours for the call center; that activity, for whatever reason, has always given me trouble when I try and buy it online, so I want to know I can fall back on a customer service rep if need be.
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