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  1. On other lines we've travelled with, we've been able to give a preference for table size in the main dining room. Does this happen with Royal Caribbean? As it's just we two, we enjoy dining with others to give a little variety, but a table of 4 is too small (awkward if you don't get on!), but, equally, we don't want to be lost on a table of 12 like we're at a noodle bar! 6 or 8 is always our preference - can this be taken into account, or is it just a case of keeping our fingers crossed?
  2. At the risk of sounding stupid here would someone mind explaining to me the differences between MTD and Traditional dining. We always travel as just the two of us and of the dozen cruises we have been on we have never eaten in the MD. We choose to eat at the specialty restaurants (Love Chops!) or Windjammer, or Johnny Rockets, etc most of the time. Reading all of the discussion here in various posts about the MD I am starting to feel like we are missing out on that experience. We have not eaten in the MD for for 2 reasons; 1) We prefer to eat by ourselves. Like everyone else vacation
  3. Just found this while searching for an example full wine list at Vintages. It's a good use of technology, not sure how long ago they released this video as there's no date I could find on the page, also not sure if / when this is being rolled out to the rest of the fleet. Should be an easy thing to apply fleet-wide as it doesn't require anything more than getting the iPads and iPod Touches and installing the apps / integrating to the ship's SeaPass card system. https://www.royalcaribbeanpresscenter.com/video/182/savvy-sommelier-digital-menus-at-vintages/ You can now order wines via iPa
  4. We are booked on a 14 night New Zealand cruise in January on Radiance, and would like to dine at Specialty restaurants 4 nights. There is a considerable saving to be had booking the 4 Night Dining Package vs booking each individually, but you only get to choose a time for day 1 or 2. We will be travelling with our kids (who do well dining at nice restaurants), so would ideally like to be eating early - around 6pm. Does anyone have any experience on how difficult it is to book specific times once onboard? I'm hoping that over the 14 nights we would be able to find suitable times for the other 3
  5. Hi All, Thanks for taking the time to read the post and I appreciate any comments. On one of the podcast I believe Matt mentioned that under some circumstances it's possible to take some food from the main dining room back to your room to eat later (like if you aren't feeling great or something like that). Sometimes I'm too full for dessert but I eat it anyway because ... you can't miss out on dessert on a cruise! I was wondering if its possible to maybe take the dessert or something back to the room to enjoy later instead of eating it when I am so full. Similarly, at the speci
  6. Thought I'd post this here. On the last podcast Matt talked about my love of specialty dining. This is from the original thread from 2010 I posted on Cruise Critic titled, The Almost Complete Food Lovers Guide to the Oasis of the Seas. I put it into one document. It's a bit dated by now, but I think it's still useful for anyone wondering about specialty dining on Oasis class or pretty much any Royal Caribbean ship. If anyone has questions about dining, I'd be very glad to help. The Almost Complete Food Lovers Guide.pdf
  7. I have booked Oasis of the Seas in April of 2018 for my wife and I, so pretty far out still. When I booked, only My Time Dining was an option, as the Traditional Dining option was greyed out. There was a box underneath these two options where I could check "My dining preference is unavailable" and if I used the dropdown menu on that one, it only allowed me to select an 8:30 pm dining time. So am I too far out to book a traditional dining time, or do you think they are already sold out? I usually prefer the first seating time, which on my previous cruises was generally around 5:30/6:00 pm. Als
  8. Could somebody tell me when the formal nights are usually on the Jewel's 9 Day Greek Isles itinerary out of Rome. We're booked for September 2018, so not much info yet. Thanks!
  9. Hi, Can't find any detailed info on Jewel dining. Specialty dining: Giovanni's Izumi Chop's Chef's table Vintages Complimentary: MDR Windjammer Pizzeria (mentioned on RCCL website, where would that be? can't find it on the deck plans) Café Latté-tudes Unfortunately didn't get the Park Café addition last year... Do they sometimes serve the Kummelweck somewhere else (on ships without Park Café)? I really miss the taste of it :D So the only complimentary ones are MDR, Windjammer and the snacks from Latté-tudes? Looks quite meager on the dining side, compared to t
  10. My husband and I are going on our very first cruise ever to celebrate our 5 yr anniversary in September. We'll be on the 3 night itinerary on Enchantment of the Seas. Day 1/Night 1 is our actual anniversary - is it a good idea to dine (and splurge a bit) at Chops or should we dine in MDR?
  11. I found some in Complimentary dining, but I couldn't find some of it from the deck plan, do you guys know where to find those dining areas' located? and like café latte tubes, it is in Complimentary dining, but it says additional cost applies. not quite understand it.
  12. Hi, This will be my husband and my first cruise on RCCL so I have a few questions concerning the dining. We booked the My Time Dining (formerly Dynamic Dining) and I purchased the BOGO for nights 1 & 2. Here are my questions: 1) For the BOGO: When i purchased it, it only gave me a 9pm option. There also was no specific restaurant to choose from. Is this something that we have to book when we get on the ship or can i change this online? If i go to modify the only option is shows is "additional restaurant recommendations" with times that would work better than the 9pm but they list t
  13. Just checked my cruise planner hoping from some President's Day weekend deals and I saw that Giovanni's Table is 30% off! I've heard some meh reviews on the restaurant, but for $21pp it looks like the hubs and I are having a date night!
  14. Good evening all, So after watching several YouTube videos, a question of menus was called to mind. Are the menus for each of the restaurants published daily or at the beginning of the cruise? And that brings up the method of publishing, When and how are they published? Thanks, Russ
  15. I'm currently booked for the early time slot (5:30 PM), which means that on most shore days my dining time is going to be before the ship is leaving port (6 PM departure from St. Kitts, 5 PM from St. Maarten, 9 PM from San Juan, and 5 PM from Labadee). How does the ship's departure time compare to when we actually need to be back on the ship ("all aboard" time)? Will I typically be back early enough that making it to the 5:30 dinner won't generally be an issue? I remember someone on another thread I posted saying that with a 5:30 time slot, I'd actually need to be on line around 5:00, so I
  16. So I'm taking my first cruise ever, on Freedom of the Seas (8-night Eastern Caribbean sailing in March/April of 2018). I have some general questions I haven't found answers for after listening to the podcast and searching the blog and these message boards. Apologies if these have actually been asked a million times already. First question is about the main dining room. I'm looking at the deck plans for FOTS, and I see that there are three areas labeled "Dining Room" -- Leonardo Dining Room on Deck 3, Isaac Dining Room on Deck 4, and Galileo Dining Room on Deck 5. Are all three of these
  17. Just a heads up to everyone with something that happened with my "dining package". I purchased (for 2) my three night dining package for $70 per person on August 13, 2016. This month, November 2016, after reviewing my VISA account, I noticed two separate credits on my account. Each was for $70 for a total refund of my original purchase. I didn't have the reservations that I thought I had. I called RCCL today and they told me they had a "massive" (that is the word the RCCL rep said) cancellation of reservations. She told me she would be happy to renew and replace my origin
  18. So its official! After two years Dynamic dining is no longer on board Quantum Ships. http://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2016/09/12/royal-caribbean-abandons-dynamic-dining-anthem-of-the-seas I am on Ovation in January 9 and will definitely be hoping that they can nail whatever they replace it with with a very full ship. I understand people were giving it the option a bad wrap but I quite liked the option, although getting different menus each night does sound promising. What do you guys think about the change?
  19. I saw a recent photo of a new kids menu which didn't have macaroni & cheese on it anymore. True? We will be sailing on Oasis (not sure if menus are fleetwide or by ship).
  20. I noticed that you can book a package that gives you a tour of the bridge , galley and engine room plus you get two specialty restaurants included which sounds cool but the price is $170.00 per person. Considering that Chops & Giovanni's is $50.00 for the pair I am wondering if the the tour of the ship is worth the extra 120 bucks or is it well overpriced at $170.00 for the package. Has anyone done this package and if so was it worth the money ? .
  21. Greetings! We are going on Freedom in March 2017. Trying to make dining reservations using the cruise planner, and when making the reservation for Chops Grille it is charging me $35 per person, even for the two kids aged 8 and 4. It is showing $210 for the 6 of us rather than what I think should be $150.... What gives? Does it charge immediately or is it just a hold? Thanks!
  22. Hi I'm embarking on Ovation in January, and have dynamic dining with no waiting lists selected. If we decide that we prefer classic midway through the ship is it possible to change?
  23. We are sailing Freedom on May 29. I saw some decent comments about Mystery Dinner Theater on some other sites, but only found one comment about it on this forum, and it wasn't entirely positive. I booked it to ensure a space, but I am unsure if this is worth the money, especially on the first night of the cruise when I know that I will miss the first night in the MDR with my teenager kids who will be on their first cruise. Any thoughts?
  24. As I understand it, they offer different 'themes' in the MDR. My questions are: 1) Is every night a different 'theme'? 2) What themes can I expect on a 14 night Med Navigator cruise? Will they 'recycle' themes ie Italian nights on both weeks. I LOVE food and I'm trying to decide if/how much specialty dining to book but I don't want to miss anything tasty that I don't have to pay extra for! TIA
  25. We have a group of 14 who wish to dine together each night. I have read that you can only get a table for 10 with my time dining. We assume we could do 2 tables of 7 or tables of 8 and 6. We would like the tables to be next to each other. Does anyone have any experience with this? How do we go about making our reservations online?
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