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  1. Thanks for all the help folks! Trip report to follow! Yeah the app is sometimes a little slow to follow the time changes. Had a couple of times on this cruise where i was in front of a clock onboard, and the app clock was wrong by an hour!
  2. Quick question. Leaving from Boston TODAY! (WOOHOO!) And see thr ship time on the app is an hour ahead of us?!? Do we arrive at our arrival on ship time or shore time? For first day departure. Thanks Bloggers!
  3. Hey Cruise Family! So we are a week away from our Bermuda cruise and SO EXCITED!!!! So as my previous questions mentioned, DW has had an accident, and needed knee surgery. So her leg is in an immobilizer, and we are big folks, so between the wheelchair and clothing issues (we don't go out much) DW is a little concerned about dining room attire. I told her she would be fine with stretchy pants over her immobilizer and a nice top. she is a little unsure and we are both a little insecure. would this be ok considering her situation? I know the site still mention
  4. Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself! I’ve been twice but didn’t have as great a time. Some very aggressive vendors at the straw market, a pickpocket attempt (someone opened my backpack as we were walking, nothing in it). We are not very adventurous, and I am antisocial, so I’m not the best example for others. Second time we went, we went ashore for a quick purchase of a shirt and sunscreen, then spent the day enjoying the ship.
  5. I remember reading a thread some years ago about the watches being lower quality onboard. (Cheaper works, and internals). So you may want to do some due diligence. It was not specifically RC, but I see a lot of similar stuff on multiple cruise lines.
  6. Hey all, As our cruise gets closer (3 weeks!) and we work through the hurdles of accessibility, I was wondering if there was a way to look up what shows might be on a particular ship at any time? I realize it is subject to change, but was wondering. Or to see what comics are working onboard. Something a little more on the positive side of cruise planning! We are heading out Oct 13 on Serenade of the Seas!
  7. It's funny how something like this can change your view of things. I started checking if there were any "family" restrooms onboard, and I can find handicapped ones, but I don't know if they are single rooms or not. (as i may need to help her up) I never considered this in the past, also watching a few "Cruising with wheels" videos confirmed that I should go with a set dining time and try to get a spot closer to the doors of the dining room. Luckily she has me to push her around and move things, but what about someone with less mobility, or without a partner to muscle things around? It ha
  8. Hmmm, last ship I was on (Anthem of the seas). They didn’t seem to care how large a drink I got. I was at the Starbucks each day grabbing 2 venti lattes with 2 shots each to bring back to the missus and they only punched my card for 2 beverages!
  9. Hmmm, I was out of the loop on the “Wear your Best” idea. Sadly Serenadeof the seas hasn’t switched as far as I can see. Missus being in a wheelchair for this trip is thinking NO FORMAL NIGHT, and at my best I wear an unironed dress shirt and tie. I don’t like to break the rules, so we may end up spending formal nights in WJ. I am fine in a collared shirt and slacks, but don’t feel the need to dress up like I would for a family members wedding!
  10. Thanks for the info! We actually booked an interior cabin since we like it SUPER DARK when sleeping... that means we are going to have a tight fit i suspect!
  11. Hey Cruisers, I am like a ghost, i dissapear until the next cruise emergency comes along! SO SORRY! I will endeavor to be a better community member. Next cruise is in a month on Canadian Thanksgiving Last year when we cruised, a week or so before we left, my wife was diagnosed with gall bladder issues, and as such had to have a MASSIVELY restricted diet, the guest services department was a godsend This year, she decided it would be a good idea to rupture her Patellar AND Quad tendons in the same knee, a month before we cruise. We don't have cancellation insurance
  12. Received a response pretty quickly, asking what specifically she "could" eat. I understand, the need for clarity, but it's a lot easier to list what she can't!!! The dairy thing isn't a big issue, as she doesn't drink it. But finding alternative things like Pasta Sauce that don't have cream or cheese was looking problematic on menus. My missus does also have some other food allergies, not life threatening, but very unpleasant for her. I was friend;y and polite in my request and they were friendly and polite back! YAY for RCCL! We will be spending some time with the MDR Head
  13. Hey fellow cruisers! Good news and Bad news, in the good column, 9 days from now I will be getting ready to board for our upcoming Anthem Cruise! Very excited! On the Bad side, my lovely wife had a meeting with her doc, her Gal Bladder needs to be removed, not critical, so it's not until Feb 2018, BUT he immediately instituted even more restrictions on her diet... Being only 9 days out, I had to throw a "Hail Mary" email to RCCL to see if there is much we can do. We had added "Low Fat Diet required" To her profile, but only a few weeks ago (Not the 45 days recom
  14. Lol, I am actually not a "Sports guy" but for the last 20 years of living in T.O. I have heard "It's a REBUILDING year" many many times....
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