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  1. I never could get my pics to load right for the online checkin...but it only took a few min per person while checking in at the terminal.I had done everything else though.
  2. Just wanted to give a shout out to this site!!! I read for days and got a lot of great advice on our cruise. It's the first one for me in many moons, and the first for my wife and one of our daughters. We went for my oldest DD grad cruise, another family of 4 and a set of grand parents for a total of 10 in our party. After the cruise was booked, I had to call RC in person for show resizes and dinner resizes because the website wasn't right. So, we drove down from NC, split the drive around Daytona Beach, which was about 3 hrs from the port. Our board times were 1PM, but we went for an ear
  3. Yes, that one. How did they like it? My daughter is having 2nd thoughts now...was it hard?
  4. Thanks for the answers to this. We are visiting here the end of June and looking to do the Tree top zip line excursion. Anyone done that? TIA
  5. I used a TA this time for 3 parties on the same cruise. Other than the actual booking part, I haven’t used her. Not that she wasn’t there to hel, but I got most of the I needed from the RC site and did a lot of it on the planner. I had an issue today where evidently I did r complete my dining and entertainment completely and nothing took. So I called th RC number and we did dining and shows over the phone. She was able to get all 10 in my party at the same table for MTD and all the shoes when we wanted them. But that’s my experience and I’ve had good experiences dealing with RC direc
  6. I’d a search and found some stuff but wanted some more current info. We are sailing on the Allure June of 18. DD wants a dolphin excursion. I didn’t see any on the RC brochure, but found some online for St Thomas. Am I missing anything? Thanks
  7. We are headed out this June on the Allure. Any updates to this post? Just starting the parking research for us and another family cruising with us. Will be driving down from NC with overnight stay in St Augustine’s and depart there to the port. Thanks.
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