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  1. Yes, I also posted on the cruise critic forum, etc. I did find a photo of the first one! The second one I’d have as well, except he took the phone to record the waiters all singing happy birthday so he’s not seen at all in the video. ? LOL. Oh, well... I’ll just have to keep an eye out and see if anyone else posts photos from the same cruise. Thank you!!
  2. That’s a good idea, will have to do that next time.
  3. Right, I figured that, I just thought maybe one of the other more frequent cruisers (I only go on one a year) had run across him/them in the past and might have more info. I have searched FB, but maybe something will pop up somewhere.
  4. Hey, everyone! My family and I just got off of our second Royal Caribbean cruise. There were two waiters that were really special and helped make the cruise so enjoyable for the family, and we're trying to locate them. My family is hoping to be able to connect on Facebook or something. I don't have complete names, but will include what info I have and if anyone can help I'd appreciate it! Both waiters were on the Brilliance of the Seas as of just last week. The first waiter all I have is a last name : Abadi. The second- I believe is from Mexico. His first name is Juan, and last name either Campos or Compos.. somehow I missed his middle name. I think both were headwaiters. Thank you so much!
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