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  1. Do first time RC cruisers get anything"free". Like any perks?
  2. When getting off the boat in Cozumel, what is the best and closest all inclusive resort to go to?
  3. Do they offer steak every night in the main dining room? Im a bit of a Steak man lol Also how do i do my time for dining room? Also how is the lunch in main dining room?
  4. to be clear if you wanted you could eat 3 meals a day in main dining room?
  5. Thank you all! If anyone comes across a Vison of the seas drink menu please take a snap of it id like to see lol. Another question..... You can only eat in main dining room once daily?
  6. lol looking at beer list you posted. Looks like blue moon and Paulaner Weiss will be the 2 beers closest to something with flavor.
  7. This will be our first RC cruise. We are going on the Vision of the Seas as part of a large group. I've been trying to figure out the food situation on the ship as to whats free and what times you can eat. On carnival you could eat buffets almost anytime it seems. I purchased a Deluxe Package but i was wondering What beers are available? Im more into craft beers or something with more flavor than budlight. Also when we bring our 2 bottles of wine do we get to keep them in the rooms? Thanks
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