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  1. I read this a little bit ago and cancelled and rebooked. Got 25% off one excursion and 20% off the other two. Saved me around $65-70 for two people.
  2. New offer that has come out for shore excursions. I have already booked three excursions for the upcoming cruise in two weeks. Can I go ahead and cancel those excursions and then rebook them? All three excursions would be at a lower cost. Would I have to call Royal Caribbean to do that?
  3. Thanks for all the advice. Salt is actually a good thing on Keto because it does help retain some water. That is one of the reasons why people get the "keto flu". Not enough salt and water then they get dehydrated. I try to drink between 2-3 liters of water a day which is 4.4 to 6.6 lbs. A liter weighs a kilogram which weighs 2.2 lbs. My wife are looking forward to this cruise since it is our 5 year anniversary. I'll make sure I pay close attention to ingredients while looking at the menus.
  4. Has anyone been on a cruise that has been doing low carb or Keto? My wife and I recently started it and our first cruise on it will be in 19 days on Liberty OTS. We know what we can eat and I vaguely remember what the MDR and Windjammer have from our last cruise. We did book Chops Grille for one of the nights. We did set our dining preference on the RC website to low carb already.
  5. Sadly we had to cancel our TA on Symphony.
  6. Welcome, I'm just right down the road in Broken Arrow and my wife also works in education so I know how it is. Our vacations are scheduled around spring break, summer break, fall break, and Christmas.
  7. Perfect for picking a cruise. Our first cruise was on Majesty of the Seas and it was a wonderful experience. Not all the bells and whistles of other ships but it was still a great ship. Was a short 4 days to the Bahamas. We will be going on Freedom Class, Voyager Class, and Oasis Class for the next three cruises. Looking forward to seeing the differences in all the different classes. Quantum Class (Anthem) will hopefully be the next cruise we book.
  8. I would like to know as well. We are doing the Transatlantic on Symphony next October.
  9. This is very nice information to know. I lugged a gallon bottle of distlled water with me until I could get into my stateroom on the last cruise. I was able to get an extension cord from our stateroom attendent though. I will defiantly have to remember this for future cruises.
  10. My dad loved that Majesty had hash. He absolutely loves it and eats it at home every once in a while. I enjoyed it myself and I also covered it with gravy as well.
  11. Thanks for the pics, we have a GS on Liberty next March.
  12. I thought it was until one of the cruises I was looking at changed prices on Monday. I'll check again tomorrow when a new sale comes out to see if there is any difference.
  13. We never ate there but it is only open at night. I believe the Compass Deli turns into the Mexican restaurant. It is right next to the Windjammer.
  14. No, this was out way before the 1st. Haven't seen an offical announcement from RCI if it is true though.
  15. Does anyone know if Empress is going to be in the fleet still? There are no bookings available after December of 2017.
  16. Your right, brain fart. Been working on presentations for class all day and my mind is gone.
  17. O Negative is the universal donor because anyone can receive blood from them. There are no A, B, or Rh antibodies attached to their blood. Where as AB Positive is the universal recipient, they can get blood from anyone.
  18. I know Verizon has wifi calling because I used it to call my wife while I was in Haiti for a missions trip.
  19. Mine on Symphony (Oct 2018) has already showed up to where I can book it for $44 pet person per day. The other two on Liberty and Explorer haven't shown up yet. The 12 night is gonna be expensive for drinks if my wife and I both get packages. Over $1000 just for drinks, but I think I could drink that much too.
  20. Yes it is but there is a lot of useful information. 45K+ members of that group.
  21. Looks like nobody is replacing right now. Oasis will be in Port Canaveral, Harmony will be in Port Everglades, and Allure and Symphony will be in Port Miami.
  22. There is a facebook page that I follow for Crown and Anchor Society members that had a post about this earlier in the week. There were some crazy things that came up in that post. Anything from full on Goth groups to people giving BJ's on the pool deck to people in crazy costumes. https://www.facebook.com/groups/RoyalCaribbeanCrownAnchor/?fref=nf This is the page if anyone wants to join it.
  23. Symphony will start in the Med in April 2018 then the Transatlantic in October 2018 to Miami which will start her 7 nights in the Caribbean.
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