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    Gears got a reaction from SandyW in Quarantine for 14 days?   
    Many are stuck, yes. Some choosing not to go and those who would usually drive (with vehicle, belongings, etc.) can't cross.
    There are stories of people who have a summer place/cottage here that are not winterized. They are having challenges finding alternative accommodations for the winter.
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    Gears got a reaction from Neesa in Business Reporter Writing About Royal Caribbean   
    You came to the right place. You're going to need a bigger inbox...

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    Gears reacted to twangster in Would you volunteer for a test cruise? (Survey only - Not a place to apply)   
    I see you are a Moderator here.  Can you put in a good word on my behalf?  🤣
    In before the lock...
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    Gears reacted to twangster in 8+ day cruises are locked   
    It's one thing for the CDC to ban ships sailing longer itineraries due to public health concerns.  It's another matter altogether for the CDC to become involved with how cruise lines market cruises.
    Someone needs to challenge this in court.  It's a government overreach and potentially violates freedom of speech.  "If you talk about cruises longer than 7 days we are going to shut you down".  
    #DefundTheCDC. 🙂 
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    Gears reacted to WAAAYTOOO in Somewhat complicated dining question:   
    We are also early diners and relatively light eaters.  We always purchase the UDP.  Unless 5:30 - 6:00 is too late for you (most specialty restaurants begin serving at 5:30 or 6:00), the UDP will work fine.  My only concern for you would be the possibility that the repetitiveness of the menus at the somewhat limited choice of specialty restaurants on Radiance could be an issue on a 9 night itin.
    The nice thing about the UDP is that it includes both dinners and lunches whenever the specialties are open for lunch (usually on sea days).  Also, realizing that on an Alaska itin you are often off the ship for lunchtime, it’s just a matter of what is most convenient for you.
    Here’s what I would recommend. If they are offering a 5 night dining plan, I recommend that.  That would give you plenty of opportunities to utilize the specialties but also give you the flexibility to make alternate arrangements for some nights.  Just remember that only the UDP offers the option of complementary lunches. Between the Main Dining Room, the Windjammer and other options around the ship, you will not go hungry on nights that you do not have specialty reservations.
    If they are only offering a 3 night dining package, I would get the UDP.  It’s very nice to be able to board the ship and go to Chops for lunch on boarding day.  I will note, however, that with the COVID restrictions (whatever they may turn out to be), lunch on boarding day at Chops may no longer be an option.  😔😔
    Enjoy your first cruise !  You’ve picked a wonderful way to start out !
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    Gears reacted to nate91 in 2 cruises or a suite?   
    Depending on which ship you're going on, I would say two cruises. On many ships the Junior Suites are just a small bit larger than the balconies, and many of the newer ships (Oasis and Quantum class) have huge balcony cabins. Unless you want a specific benefit of the Jr. Suite, such as the extra points or the bathtub, I say go two cruises!
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    Gears reacted to twangster in Quarantine for 14 days?   
    The public school teacher I live with has had her normal breaks all up ended.  There is no fall break in 2020 as it's already been eliminated.  Instead they are using the week of Thanksgiving as their break.  Spring break is thought to be on the books but the actual week may change at any time depending how this plays out.  We have a cruise booked over the summer break but there is no confidence the summer break will remain a break as they scramble to figure out how to educate as a result of the pandemic.  Remote learning does not work well but it's the only option right now.  Students are not learning and the effect on our society will cause many school boards to look at the calendar with fresh eyes once classes move back into the classroom.  Work loads are increasing for teachers but pay is not AND they have to supply their own masks and PPE when classrooms do reopen.
    Some of my booked cruises with family may turn into solo cruises due to unexpected scheduling changes.  Strange times indeed. 
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    Gears got a reaction from KathyC in Here We Go Again!!   
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    Gears got a reaction from Jax in Here We Go Again!!   
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    Gears got a reaction from WAAAYTOOO in Here We Go Again!!   
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    Gears got a reaction from twangster in Here We Go Again!!   
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    Gears got a reaction from Lovetocruise2002 in Here We Go Again!!   
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    Gears got a reaction from Neesa in News About NAV Staff   
    Thanks for sharing!
    Maybe you could go back and sign up as crew?? 🤩🤩
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    Gears got a reaction from Ogilthorpe in News About NAV Staff   
    Thanks for sharing!
    Maybe you could go back and sign up as crew?? 🤩🤩
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    Gears got a reaction from ehw51 in News About NAV Staff   
    Thanks for sharing!
    Maybe you could go back and sign up as crew?? 🤩🤩
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    Gears reacted to Lovetocruise2002 in News About NAV Staff   
    @WAAAYTOOO does have time now, but I doubt they will give her a suite.😂
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    Gears got a reaction from Lovetocruise2002 in News About NAV Staff   
    Thanks for sharing!
    Maybe you could go back and sign up as crew?? 🤩🤩
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    Gears reacted to WAAAYTOOO in News About NAV Staff   
    So I was frustrated that you could not read the sign so I snuck back over there to take a couple more pix.

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    Gears got a reaction from Neesa in Trellis Bar in Central Park.....   
    Ummmm...did you edit out the 'twangster' watermark from that picture? 😮 
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    Gears reacted to twangster in CDC statement 😕😕😕😕😕   
    The CDC advice is left over from March as already noted.  It is aimed at the public but it is not law.  Before the virus was a pandemic and while the CDC was just beginning what would become a long streak of failures stating before February and March this was their attempt to dissuade U.S. citizens from getting on a cruise ship way back then. 
    How this verbiage which has always been there is breaking news now in October is an oddity.  
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    Gears got a reaction from Lovetocruise2002 in Trellis Bar in Central Park.....   
    Took a minute to click on that one...LOL!! 😄 😄 
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    Gears reacted to PRebecca in Trellis Bar in Central Park.....   
    Quick interruption, sorry. 
    @Lovetocruise2002 you have great hair!
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    Gears got a reaction from Lovetocruise2002 in Trellis Bar in Central Park.....   
    Ummmm...did you edit out the 'twangster' watermark from that picture? 😮 
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    Gears reacted to Jill in Great testimonial from TUI passenger   
    She’s been on 2 so far. Here’s her take: 
    Hello. I am a cruise addict (with 150 cruise nights onboard Royal Caribbean ships). Unfortunately they canceled our 4 cruises this year, 2 of them would have been in the Mediterranean Sea. When TUI Cruises released their „Greek Isles“ cruises we booked two cruises (with a break of one week between - no B2Bs possible yet) with them and came back home on Sunday.
    I thought I might share my personal conclusions about cruising during a global pandemic and how it is possible to go on shore excursions in ports (and I hope it won’t be considered as „off-topic“): 
    Both stays onboard were associated with a lot of emotional impressions for me, like the step from the gangway to the ship, which I experienced very consciously, because at these times, I did not believe I would board a cruise ship in 2020. However, a moving moment had brought tears to my eyes, when the ship set sail and the wake became visible!🌊😭 
    A ship with a capacity of 2534 passengers with a 60% pandemic-owed maximum occupancy still offers space for 1500 cruise enthusiasts. We were 922 on our first and 702  passengers on our second cruise onboard Mein Schiff 6! Whether this difference might be thought by one or the other: “Great, more space for me” for me, it reveals a problem that I didn't expect - Apparently not (enough) is booked. The cruise fans ashore are responsible for the difference between what is maximally possible and what is currently done. Of course everyone has the right to have reservations against a cruise during this time. A wait for "afterwards the pandemic" is here in my opinion just as little senseless as waiting for a vaccine. Nobody knows how long we will have to deal with the new reality. Since we were onboard, I hope I can dispel many concerns. We felt at least as safe onboard as on land - NO, I personally felt safer in this „bubble“. We watched, how with unbelievable commitment, from morning to evening, crew was sanitizing, cleaning and paying attention to safety and health measures with „eagle eyes“. We as passengers have the duty, in my opinion not very restrictive in our freedom, to add our parts to these measures by wearing masks, practice social distancing, wash and sanitize our hands frequently. And it worked fine onboard! Why? 1. Out of respect for the crew members and their jobs! 2. Out of respect for my fellow passengers onboard and on land - those on land, I would like to give the opportunity to cruise again soon! 3. Out of respect for the cruise company, which restarted as first cruise line in the world with cruising end of July (from Hamburg, Germany) and took a high risk to the cruise economic and also a political risk. 4. Ultimately out of respect for the entire industry and the companies involved!
    What are the “restrictions” onboard?  
    For example: Wearing a mask indoors, wearing a mask outdoors if you can’t practice social distance, wearing a mask whenever talking to crew members. Once a day temperature checks. Events at the theater must be reserved via the app in advance! Getting served in the Buffet Restaurant! No drinks at the Bars - drinks are  served at the tables.
    How can you go on shore excursions?
    On both of our cruises we had the same port of calls: Piraeus/Athens and Corfu, Greece.
    We could reserve in advance though the App shore excursions. There were plenty of different shore excursions on offer, we decided to go to the beach in Piraeus/Athens and stay onboard in Corfu. 
    The shore excursion to the beach was to the Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso in Vouliagmeni. We were a small group of less than 50 people. The bus ride was about 45mins to the beach. At the beach a whole area was reserved for TUI Cruises guests (including toilets) and the tour guide was watching that nobody left the beach area due to COVID-19 measures. It was a clean and nice beach with comfortable sun loungers and nice umbrellas.
    In my opinion, this gives a feeling of security, which of course is never one hundred percent, but which feels higher than in some places and in some situations on land. For me, both the COVID-19 swab test before and the measures onboard are therefore an added value! 
    All arguments: “I don't want to ...”, “I'm not doing ...”, “For me it's not ....  ", „Without it is not ..." aren’t understandable for me. But if you are unsure about going back onboard to enjoy this indescribable feeling at the sea, let me say: Yes! For sure! Yes! Do it and it will be fun!
    I am neither a representative of a cruise company nor a travel agency. I am a cruise addict, who wants to cruise again in 2021. 🚢🌊🇬🇷
    Attached you will find my favorite pictures, for more pictures of both cruises:
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    Gears reacted to SpeedNoodles in New Explorer and Freedom Deployments Booking   
    I'll try to ignore the assumption that only women seem to hog the sink, but what bothers me is that someone getting up in the middle of the night is going to wake the other person up having to turn on the light to wash their hands. Dumbest. Thing. Ever.
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