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  1. We've been cruising since 2003 when we started on the Majesty. You are very correct, many things have changed. Some things better, other have gone the other way. If we started cruising today I can't say for sure if it would be with RC. I'll use Labadee as an example. Can no longer go to 'this part' of the facility unless you have one of 'these cards', can't have a chair on this side of the rope anymore without paying $40, zip line if I recall correctly was $39. To someone who has only been going there a few years they won't notice, but this concept is definitely across the board. Strawber
  2. We've been on all classes of RC ships with exception of the Anthem class (set to change next year). If you have kids, Allure. If no kids, we would go with the Freedom class. @twangster is correct with respect to better entertainment options on the Allure. We, as a couple, found that there we many amenities on the Allure oriented to families that we didn't/won't use. But, there are more dining options. If both were embarking on the same day, same price and same itinerary we would gravitate to the Freedom class in this comparison, but that's not a slam dunk easy choice. As an experienc
  3. No shite...south Florida isn't an isolated island.
  4. Royal did say a while back that its strategy was to modify their product towards the millennial generation (not over used any more than baby boomer generation, generation X, etc.). I think this aligns to their strategy as do the facilities on the Oasis class ships we see and are going to see. BUT... My reaction was something else. RC...are you in the cruise line business or the resort business? Many, many, examples exist of business ventures not being successful because the company(ies) ventured outside their core competency in a effort to increase revenues by trying to be everything
  5. I mean to ask that kind of question at some point. I noticed life boats are rated by X persons. Well...what defines a 'person' in terms of lifeboat capacity? The hard life boats on the Allure are rated for 370 persons. Well...there ain't no way in H - E double toothpicks that 370 randomly selected people on the ship were going to fit on one of those life boats. 340...350 maybe...but when a good number of people are 50, 75, 100+ lbs overweight...it's a cruise ship dammit! You have to wonder what the calculation is...I can't imagine a standard cruise ship version is being used that differs
  6. This is our setup. Six table cloth clips and two towels per chair. The clips keep the towels on in a good wind as well.
  7. The whining and bitching in the Diamond lounge is something else.
  8. We’ve made the ship the destination in this case. Lots to do on the Allure. Headliner show was supposed to get on in San Juan...woopsie! He’s flying to St. Thomas tomorrow.
  9. Weather is great except for the brisk wind on the top deck.
  10. In our years of cruising we have never missed a docked port of call. Tendered, yes, several. Capt’n said swells in the entrance channel were at 20ft. Aside from a brisk wind it’s clear, sunny and 78 degrees.
  11. Swells at the port entrance are making it too dangerous to enter. Port stop canceled. Off to St. Thomas!
  12. Welcome to the RCL Blog and you’re going to be set with information here! I will bet you won’t sail on Dinsey again. Nothing wrong with Disney, but RC is hands down the best value end-to-end. Hang on for all the info. Who’s got a list of short cuts for the lady?
  13. Sunday. I knew when I woke up at 4am with the curtains brushing the side of the bed we weren’t stopping in Nassau. The weather is fine...just swells from the north.
  14. The nor’Easter that went through the NE US has impacted cruise itineraries this week. Nassau port was closed today as a result of sea swells and it was a roller coaster ride from Port Everglades last night. Turned today into a sea day and a modification of the ports of call for the rest of the week. Was: Nassau, sea day, St. Thomas, St. Maarten, sea day, sea day Is now: sea day, sea day, San Juan, St. Thomas, sea day, Nassau No complaints, just an illustration of how things far away can impact your plans. As a cruiser it’s important to be accepting of the unexpect
  15. We’re about 10 staterooms to the aft of you on the same deck. Just watched @twangster sail away on the Liberty. Too bad we didn’t know earlier...we could have had him buy us some margaritas at Jimmy Buffet’s.
  16. Ours for Allure were online for this week and next...strange it’s not more consistent.
  17. We had that too. One word can describe what to do with it. Ignore.
  18. The US State Department issued a warning today to avoid tourist ferries in Mexico. RC is/has cancelled all excursions involving tourist ferries. This was attached to our door this morning.
  19. We use table cloth clips for a picnic table. Reallll cheap, take up little space and work really well. Can usually find them in the outdoors section of your favorite department/hardware or outdoor store.
  20. Not to worry, put it as one of the things at the top of the list of things to do when you get on the ship. Go to one of the specialty restaurants, perhaps the one you want to go to on the first night, and they will get all your reservations sorted out for you for the entire cruise. It would be nice if Cruise Planner worked like we think...but it doesn't.
  21. This is a new one...?? Arrive at 1:30???...hahahaha!! Pffffft! I have to pick a time...can't by-pass it.
  22. We like to go to Pinel Island. Irma pretty much destroyed the two beach resorts there, but from what I read a couple of weeks ago it seems they are pretty much back up and running.
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