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  1. No need for a new suit, very very few will care if it's "dated". Personally I like seeing guys wear the old suits, changes up the scenery in a good way. Some of the older styles are more fashionable in my opinion. I have one from the 80's someone gave me, I intend to get it tailored so I can wear it on our cruises.
  2. Freedom's solarium is my favorite! We were out there every day. It was kind of awkward trying to tan on that red stone lounger...but as they say "you'll never see any of these people again", lol.
  3. Loved our Panoramic on Freedom. I'm hoping to get connecting PV for our next cruise.
  4. To add to @Lovetocruise2002's post, I think @Christie has been in Star Class as well.
  5. 1. Freedom 2. Serenade 3. Brilliance 4. Enchantment Serenade over Brilliance only because Serenade's Rita's Cantina served food...other than that they were identical as far as I'm concerned. And really, Enchantment is amazing, absolutely no issues with her for us.
  6. Loving this live blog! The pictures are amazing, and I love your writing style, don't worry about the novellas. I'm just so stoked for you and your family????. Rest, relax, take a breath of sea air!...and a shot of Patron ??
  7. Oh good, it wasn't just me having to double take. Both great pics!
  8. lol, sorry, couldn't resist sharing this
  9. The pool deck usually has a few tables with ash tray things on them, I'm assuming Symphony will have the same.
  10. I actually eat more in the weeks leading up to my cruise, so I'm well stretched for the many meals on board.
  11. With My Time Dining (MTD) you can set the same time for each day. We've always set ours for 5:30, but you should be able to book any time you want. Call RC, or have your travel agent (TA. TA is also used for transatlantic) call and set it up for you. Or, do as others have suggested and keep trying for Traditional Dining.
  12. You had me going for at least half of it...well played ?
  13. What?! ? Thanks, i really couldn't remember and just thought she had one (sorry @TNphilp, this is why we have checks and balances). As you said, Sabor will have to do ?
  14. My guess for an all day pass for the water park, balloon, etc is $100pp. As excited as I am, I have little faith it will be cheap. I might be the high priced outlier for now, but I won't be surprised if the price makes it to my guesstimate. Will I still try it? Yes, at least once, then we'll see if it's worth it. [email protected] mentioned, pricing will be key. I live very close to Port Canaveral, so a weekend getaway to Coco Cay via Mariner is a fun idea, but I won't pay through the nose. We have Volcano Bay an hour away, and that place rocks!
  15. Love Freedom! My favorite ship so far. Check out the Solarium (adults only pool), it's awesome, in my opinion. Try Sabor! The pub on the promenade is fun. If you like sushi then try Izumi. Even if you don't like sushi, try Izumi. I tried it (sushi and Izumi) for the first time a couple weeks ago and found 2 rolls that I absolutely loved. From what I've heard you're going to love your cabins, I'm definitely jealous, lol. When you get back let us know your thoughts on all of it. Relax and have fun!
  16. @Sabrinaklai, maybe the flow problems on Quantum-class will be fixed on Quantum Plus. Maybe comment on that in your post cruise survey.
  17. They handed them out on Brilliance. I actually picked mine up at guest services before our room attendant left them.
  18. I can only add one laughing face to this, so props, hilarious reply! Maybe he's a professional country artist...
  19. Great idea! We were in a JS, so we had the robes waiting for us (I'm not a suite snob yet, maybe just a robe snob, lol), so having the slippers just completed the look. We'll definitely take them with us next time.
  20. Not sure what size I ordered, but they're definitely tight. I have wide feet, so that might be part of it. I got them on sale, so I can deal with a little tight. My wife wore hers on board every day. They're certainly not fancy, but they do the job.
  21. Great back and forth discussion here. I agree with all of you in some way I think. I'm excited for the additions, but I also love the nothingness of Coco Cay. If they can do both then I'll be uber happy and impressed.
  22. Needs to change to Cruise Planner Sail...since they sail away with our money. (yes, i understand we willingly give them our money...just going for a lame dad joke here)
  23. Since @KLAconQueso hasn't chimed in yet I'm stealing one of her possible answers...pineapple juice and Patron (reposado if they have it). It's not my favorite, but I had to try it once I saw her mention it on here...pretty darn good.
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