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  1. This is ridiculous to blame the cruise line for the grandparents negligence. I just recently went on my first RCCL and we noticed every open window immediately. Why? Let’s see.... the windows are tinted and there is a breeze!! It can be hot has poop outside but you still feel a breeze coming through. The pool is a play area, not a window and not a railing. You do not ever place a child on a rail and say play. There are lounge chairs and tables.... where is it a play zone? I feel terrible for the family and can never image the loss of a child. Put the blame where it needs to be - the grandfather not the cruise line.
  2. Is every beach in Mexico private (pretty much the way it is in the Bahamas)? Or will there be enough options still with out having to pay for a beach. Not really into snorkeling, don’t need a water park... We just want to walk around, eat, and get on the gorgeous beaches!!
  3. Yesss, that’s what I said...critically ill?! Like what type of illness? They said someone said possibly heart attack. the fact she text me at 5:02 saying this and they had to detour to the Bahamas to get this passenger to an ambulance. They got to the Bahamas at 1:30 and left at 2:30. That’s 8 hours!! I just hope whatever happened the person is ok. That’s a long time
  4. Sailing in June on Harmony but the 1/2 day is no longer showing. I see the full day for 50 ( I think off the top of my head) but it has a clause saying it’s part of a 2 piece package - water park and zip line) . Guess you’d have to pay the other 1/2 still for the zip line!?
  5. Are u leaving from NJ?? My friend was on anthem. Supposed to be back at port liberty today, someone got critically ill and they had to make a detour to drop the person off at the Bahamas!! Took 8 hours to get the person there. No one knows what happened!!
  6. Will be traveling for the first time in a few weeks on HArmony of the Sea I’m confused on the tipping. Do people recommend paying it all upfront before cruising or do you wait to see how the service is and top based off their performance? I keep getting a lot of back and forth from people so I don’t know what’s best. i already purchased unlimited drink packages (alcohol for adults and non alcoholic for kids). I know gratuity was already included with that. Also, has anyone been on this ship. I’ll be on the 9th floor: What are the chances of being sea sick on this ridiculously large ship Any comments on room size for interior grand central view (window only) thanks!!
  7. Thanks so much! I'll definitely be getting the prescription from my doctor. I didn't know about the green apple or ginger, so i'll keep that im mind too!
  8. Hi everyone. I need some help. I've been on one cruise in my life and it was carnival and a very small ship. I was sea sick the entire time :( The staff at RCL told me this ship is sooo big I won't feel any movement. I just booked two days ago and the rep did a bait and switch. She told me she booked me mid ship but come to find out im in the front. I just spent an hour and half on the phone with them, but they have nothing to switch me to. How bad is Harmony of the Seas being in the front??? Sail date is May 2019. Thanks!
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