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  1. The ships will typically do everything they can to maneuver around storms so long as it doesn't affect their ability to make the port times. With that being said a lot of times with the ship moving at 22 knots and the storms moving at about the same speed (so long as they arent in the same direction) the storms usually pass by rather quickly.
  2. On my GTY cabin it was exactly 30 days when my cabin number was assigned. Same with my brother on a totally different cruise, exactly 30 day mark you will see your EDOCS updated and the cabin number will show up instead of the word GTY.
  3. Leaving from Galveston where else can a ship go? I would argue it could get over to CocoCay and possibly key west but that would be the extent of the Stops. I purposely left out Nassau because well nassau seems to be less than desirable these days.
  4. You will have to carry around whatever you bring on board until 1 - 1:30 PM when the cabins open up. Just keep that in mind.
  5. Thats on another site................
  6. Some of the top top shelf liquors at say the R bar will not be included but they will notify you if its above the limit and tell you how much it will cost.
  7. The biggest thing is whether Liberty can get back into port earlier sat night/sunday morning to avoid these storms. You can get soaked (I have before)walking to and boarding a ship that is already docked but they have an especially hard time docking in Galveston with any poor weather conditions.
  8. Since you are getting Royal Up offers, you are most likely within 30 days which means you lose pretty much everything on the 2nd balcony. There isnt a good solution for a situation like this.
  9. Or floor to ceiling glass balconies, No thanks, i prefer people be responsible and use common sense.
  10. 1) No it is not, there is no bar at Sabor. You have to have purchased dinner/lunch at sabor to get a drink there. The schooner bar across the hall can make the PERFECT margarita but not the other ones. 2) IMO a 30.00 dinner at sabor + what you paid in your included dinner as part of your cruise fare is quite a lot for the food they offer there. No they do not discount Sabor by itself typically.
  11. I typically agree with this and have fun meeting people but I have had some bad experienced in the past few cruises. One i was put with some 20 somethings who were trashed every night at dinner, showed up in inappropriate attire (swim cover ups, tank tops) this made for a very difficult week. Last cruise I was put with families who were great but they must have thought the 8 pm was only a suggestion as some of the family would stroll in around 8:30 because the wife would say "Dad and Kids are on their way......". The issue with that is the wait staff typically waits until everyone is there to take all of the orders but I try to be very prompt so it turns into a longer wait for me and a extremely long dinner. I kinda wish it was like in germany, communal tables are great but you just order and eat at your leisure and talk to the people at your table.
  12. I know the windjammer has Orange and possibly apple but the cranberry is more of a flavored water and I have never seen anything grape.
  13. Can anyone confirm if they leave OBC credit alone if you win a bid? For example if you reprice, say move from interior to balcony they will only give you the OBC available at the time (reprice). WIth the bidding do they leave everything alone from an OBC standpoint?
  14. They did this to me when they applied OBC via MYVEGAS as well as the shareholder benefit OBC. They initially applied it then said they made a mistake and took it away. If you read the terms they reserve the right to cancel for pricing errors, just like most any website out there.
  15. I thought Mai Tai would have a slice of pineapple not orange?
  16. Mariner = Voyager Class People will say the HELIPAD or top pool deck with the music playing are always preferable. 2018-2019-Fleet_Guide.pdf
  17. You always want double protection on the pool deck as everyone is saying, it does get hot.. Sometimes sandals or flip flops isnt enough.
  18. I truly believe that if you shoot a shot of espresso in front of the staff at cafe promenade they would be happy to get you another one right away and likely give you a sticker! That would be impressive but no there is no waiting period unless of course it became to look obvious that you ordered a mocha, walked away and came back to get another, then they may suspect you are handing it off to someone else.
  19. Thats definitely one way to do it. I follow the same guidelines but instead of getting off the ship i hide under the bed to see if the steward will notice me on the next sailing... :)
  20. I typically go find the nearest TV and watch this at least 7 times in a row:
  21. I see many people and I am one of them just put what they want on their plate and then cover their meal with another clean plate while they bring it back to their room. Works out fine, no dirty looks and you can enjoy your full breakfast on the balcony without the commotion of finding a seat I'm the windjammer
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