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  1. 365 days a year! Next year I get a bonus and get 366 days. I must be really good at being retired.
  2. We like being on the ship when it is more quiet. Nothing wrong with doing that if you choose to. We have been to most of the ports, so for you it might be fun to at least check the port out.
  3. Best way, is to go check out the MDR when you get on board. If you see an area you would like to sit, you can request it, but may not get it. You should have no problem requesting a table for 4, if that is what you want.
  4. Thanks Skid. I was wondering the same thing.
  5. We bring one large suitcase and one carry-on, plus what I would ca,, a utility bag, per person, regardless of the length of the cruise.
  6. There are locks on both ends of the canal. If you do a round trip, you miss one of them.
  7. If you get a chance to do that, try for the full canal cruise, not one where you go 1/2 in and then turn around and go back.
  8. Space out your drinks. You will probably start earlier in the day than you would at home. Everyone is different.
  9. If you carry off your own bags, they usually want you to disembark early.
  10. Wow, that is late! People have posted that they have been able to pay extra to stay on the ship until afternoon. I have no idea how that would work or how to go about it, though. Maybe someone else does. Good luck!
  11. There have been a few that we have talked to during the cruise and told they were doing a good job.
  12. Thanks, I will check that out! We are staying at Crowne Plaza by the airport, in February. We have stayed there before and our TA got us a really good deal.
  13. We have never gotten excited about whoever the CD is. Everyone must have better luck or different viewpoints, but we have only had a few that we really liked. The rest were fine, except for the one on Celebrity who was really horrible.
  14. We are on our second bucket list. We have done the Caribbean (almost yearly), Panama Canal, Alaska (3 times), Australia/New Zealand, Baltics, and Norwegian Fjords. In October, we are doing Canada/New England. If we can find the right itinerary, we want to do Iceland.
  15. Some people use a hand held scanner and get good results. I use the flat bed scanner at home. It is not necessary to include every page, every day. Some are basically a repeat of other days, so I will scan once for a Sea day and once for a Port day.
  16. Or you could drive down the night before. We have to fly for our cruises, basically as we live about 1,500 away from most ports. Orlando to Ft. Lauderdale isn't that far, so driving should work fine, even with added traffic.
  17. We always prepay gratuities, which it looks like you did too. Beyond that is at your discretion. The last couple cruises, we haven't had good MDR service (neither were RCI), but usually they get tipped extra. We get My Time Dining, so when we like wait staff we like, we stay with them. Also, we gravitate to the bars that have the bartenders we like the best and they get tipped extra toward the end of the cruise. Same with the cabin attendant. Seems everyone has a different opinion. What this will very possibly do, is get you addicted to cruising. The only known cure is to book another cruise.
  18. Just curious, if they do, how much of a savings it might be.
  19. That is what we figured. We haven't had any problem with that.
  20. Very simple. If there is something in the refrigerator, ask the cabin steward to get the wine steward to lock it, if the steward doesn't have it. How old are your kids that you don't trust them to not get into the booze? Put an adult in the cabin with them.
  21. Do they make them with built in converters these days? All of our Devices are 120.
  22. No point in trying to figure it out. I have know idea if a cash tip goes to the person you give it to or if it gets shared. I hope it goes to the person.
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