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  1. Hello we are Mike and Sharon Kief from Nebraska. We will be sailing on the anthem on November 2. We would love to hear from anyone else on this cruise. This is a great group.
  2. Hi all, three short questions. Is there a starbucks on the Anthem? What is the price of a specialty coffee? Is $31 a good deal for 15 specialty coffees? I assume it is a punch card. thanks, Sharon
  3. Thanks for all your help. This is a great site. I am sure l will have more questions sometime.
  4. hello we are new to this group. I know this is a very basic question that I should know the answer to. We were on the anthem years ago when you had to book all your main dining room choices. We just want to do early seating in the same dining room every night. Do we have to make arrangements for this or is it like the other ships we have been on and it is all set up when you board. Thanks for the help.
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